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By the mid-1980s, timelines covering the early history of Gundam's Universal Century setting had appeared in sources such as the original setting notes and Comic BomBom's Z Gundam Tenfold Enjoyment Book. The Roman Album series also included a compressed timeline for the events of the Mobile Suit Gundam movies, and dates for some key events were scattered throughout Gundam Century and the Mobile Suit Variation books. However, there were virtually no detailed timelines for the events of the original series, let alone its anime sequels.

Gundam ZZ Book was a bonus booklet included with the April 1986 issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype magazine (published in February of that year). Its historical section, later titled the "Gundam U.C. Chronology," was the first timeline to cover the events of Mobile Suit Gundam and Z Gundam in detail. In later issues of Newtype and various Bandai publications, it was revised and expanded to cover Gundam ZZ, Char's Counterattack, and Gundam 0080.

One noteworthy feature was the attempt to connect the Universal Century to our current era by including a variety of A.D. calendar dates. Another was its use of material from the original setting notes, including population figures, dates for the establishment of Luna II and the Principality of Zeon, and casualty figures from the early battles of the One Year War. The choice to favor the setting notes over the historical information from director Yoshiyuki Tomino's novels would be followed by all subsequent timelines.

Later iterations of this pioneering Gundam U.C. Chronology appeared in the August 1987 and November 1988 issues of Newtype Magazine, Bandai's Gundam 0080 Visual Comic Vol.2 (October 1989), issue 50 of B-CLUB magazine (January 1990), and the art book M.S.ERA (March 1990). It underwent further development in Bandai's Entertainment Bible series, ultimately evolving into the current official timeline, but for my purposes I'll consider B-CLUB 50 and M.S.ERA to be the final versions of this particular chronology.


The translation below is a composite pieced together from these six different versions. For the most part, I haven't noted additions, omissions, and changes from one version to the next.

The following text is copyright © Sotsu • Sunrise.


Translator's Note: The following dates from the A.D. calendar were omitted from later versions of the timeline published in the Gundam 0080 Visual Comic and M.S.ERA.

A.D.1957.10.04 Successful launch of humanity's first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1 (USSR).
A.D.1961.04.12 Manned artificial satellite Vostok 1 orbits Earth (USSR).
A.D.1969.07.20 Apollo 11 lands on lunar surface (USA).
A.D.1969 Professor G.K. O'Neill of America's Princeton University develops space colony concept.
A.D.1993 Local wars break out throughout world. Danger of third world war intensifies.
A.D.1999 Earth Federation government established.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
A.D.1999.07.29 Human space settlement program announced.
A.D.2009 Earth Federation Forces established.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
A.D.2022 Mass drivers installed on lunar surface.
A.D.2026 Jupiter Energy Fleet organized.
A.D.2045 Construction of first space colony begins (in present Side 1 airspace).

Translator's Note: The span from U.C.0001 to U.C.0080 appears in every version of the timeline, although no single timeline includes all of the following events.

U.C.0001 Space settlement begins.
Total population of Earth exceeds 9 billion.
U.C.0009 Zeon Zum Deikun born.
U.C.0040 40% of Earth's population (about 5 billion) have emigrated to space.
Emergence of Ere-ism, the philosophy that all humanity should live in space so as not to contaminate Earth, the source of life.
U.C.0041 Asteroid Juno (later Luna II) stationed in lunar orbit.
* Date revised to U.C.0040 as of November 1988 timeline.
U.C.0045 Zeon Zum Deikun proposes Contolism, a combination of Ere-ism and Side-ism.
U.C.0050 Of total population of 11 billion, more than 80% (9 billion) have emigrated to space.
U.C.0052 Zeon Zum Deikun moves to Side 3 and begins implementing Contolism.
U.C.0058 Zeon Zum Deikun decides to create a republic at Side 3.
U.C.0059 Casval Rem Deikun born.
Federation Forces launch 0060s Arms Expansion Plan, focused on organization of space fleet.
Conversion of Luna II into military base begins.
U.C.0062 Zeon Zum Deikun declares independence of Side 3.
Side 3 national defense force established.
Artesia Som Deikun born.
U.C.0063 Federation government applies economic pressure against Side 3.
U.C.0065 Doctor Y.T. Minovsky proposes new system of Minovsky physics, predicting existence of Minovsky particle.
U.C.0067 Federation government intensifies economic pressure on Side 3.
U.C.0068 Death of Zeon Zum Deikun (possibly by assassination).
* In October, according to M.S.ERA image caption.
Degwin Zabi becomes new prime minister, claiming that Deikun named him.
U.C.0069.08.15 Principality of Zeon established.
Degwin Zabi declares himself Sovereign.
* Date specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0069 Sasro Zabi, Degwin's second son, is assassinated.
Zeon faction purged from Side 3. Zeon's children Casval and Artesia are taken to Earth by Jimba Ral and his wife.
Existence of Minovsky particle confirmed.
Zeon national defense force elevated to national military.
U.C.0070.03 Zeon forces conduct successful verification tests of radio jamming and other special effects of Minovsky particle dispersal (Minovsky effects).
* Month specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0070.05 Zeon forces complete mega particle cannon, a new type of beam weapon.
* Month specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0070.09 Federation Forces launch 0070s Arms Expansion Plan.
Salamis- and Magellan-class space warships commissioned.
* Month specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0070.12 Luna II transferred to Lagrange point 3 to construct Side 7.
* Month specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0071 Zeon Research and Development Command established.
* Event added in M.S.ERA timeline.
Zeon forces begin developing new weapon for use under Minovsky effects. The weapon requires small size, high mobility, and heavy firepower. Development begins using worker pods as a base.
* Early tests conducted in May of U.C.0070, according to M.S.ERA image caption.
Ultracompact nuclear fusion reactor based on Minovsky physics completed.
U.C.0073 First unit of new mobile suit (MS) weapon completed, and given model number MS-01. This new weapon is completely humanoid, with two worker manipulators and a pair of walking legs.
U.C.0074 Casval Rem Deikun infiltrates Side 3 under name of Char Aznable.
He enters Principality of Zeon and enrolls in military academy.
Following MS-02 and -03, Zeon forces complete MS-04 equipped with Minovsky reactor.
U.C.0075.05 Zeon forces complete MS-05 Zaku, a combat version of MS-04.
* Month specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0075.07 Zeon forces begin rapidly constructing new warships designed for operation with mobile suits. First Musai-class cruiser commissioned.
* Month specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0075 Federation Forces begin developing mobile weapons for land warfare, using secretly obtained Zaku data.
U.C.0076.12 Zeon forces begin developing mobile suit variation types (particularly for land and underwater battle) in anticipation of Earth invasion.
* Month specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0077 Principality of Zeon makes rapid preparations for war of independence.
MS-05 Zaku forces enter combat to provide armed support for revolution at Side 6.
Federation Forces obtain technological data on Zeon mobile suits.
Federation Forces complete first prototype unit of RX-75 Guntank.
Principality of Zeon expands territory on lunar surface and reinforces space fleet.
U.C.0078.01 Zeon forces begin mass production of improved MS-06 Zaku II.
* Month specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0078.05 Settlement of incomplete Side 7 begins.
* Month specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0078 Zeon forces complete prototypes of land, local warfare, and amphibious mobile suits (MS-07~09 and MSM-01~08).
Development begins of mobile weapons with greater firepower than mobile suit (later known as mobile armor).
* Event appears only in November 1988 and B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0078.10 Principality of Zeon announces national mobilization.
* Month specified in Gundam 0080 Visual Comic timeline.
U.C.0079.01.03 Principality of Zeon declares war of independence against Earth Federation government. One Year War begins.
One Week Battle.
Simultaneously with declaration of war, Zeon forces launch surprise attacks on Sides 1, 2, and 4, achieving overwhelming victory with their mobile suit forces. Indiscriminate use of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, as well as Operation British colony drop, kill more than 3 billion people.
* Later versions of the timeline list the casualty total as 550 million.
U.C.0079.01.10 Taking advantage of climate changes caused by colony drop, Zeon forces successfully land massive numbers of ground forces on Earth. Prototype amphibious mobile suits used in combat.
U.C.0079.01.11 Side 6 declares neutrality.
U.C.0079.01.15 Battle of Loum.
Largest space fleet battle in human history takes place near Side 5. In this battle, Char sinks five battleships in his red Zaku, and becomes known as "Red Comet." Meanwhile, Black Tri-Stars capture Federation Forces commander General Revil. 3.5 billion people are killed.
U.C.0079.01.26 Peace negotiations begin in Antarctica.
U.C.0079.01.31 General Revil miraculously returns from Principality of Zeon.
His speech "No soldiers in Zeon" is broadcast worldwide.
Antarctic Treaty concluded, prohibiting use of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.
U.C.0079.02 Zeon forces seize control of North and Central America, and area from Eastern Asia to Europe.
Both sides have now exhausted their fighting strength, and war reaches a stalemate. Local guerilla warfare continues in various areas.
U.C.0079.03 Zeon forces deploy numerous variations of MS-06. They build up their strength using captured Federation Forces facilities, and station air and submarine forces at strategic points.
Both sides continue development of new mobile suits.
Federation Forces rebuild Luna II and reinforce their space fleet. They also launch Operation V, aimed at deployment of new mobile suits and dedicated assault carriers.
U.C.0079.04 Kycilia Zabi asks psychologist Dr. Flanagan to research people with special abilities, known as Newtypes. Flanagan Agency formally established.
* Event appears only in November 1988 and B-CLUB 50 timeline.
Principality of Zeon completes its homeland defense line.
* According to M.S.ERA timeline, this refers to completion of space fortress A Baoa Qu.
U.C.0079.05 Federation Forces complete first prototype unit of RX-77 Guncannon.
Zeon forces complete space fortress Solomon.
U.C.0079.06 Zeon forces complete prototypes of new mobile armor weapons (MA-01~05, MAN-01~08).
* Event appears only in November 1988 and B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0079.07 Federation Forces successfully implement beam rifle and beam saber.
Zeon forces deploy land warfare mobile suit MS-07 Gouf.
First mass production unit of MS-09 Dom completed.
Amphibious MSM series readied for mass production.
U.C.0079.08 Federation Forces commission newly constructed warship White Base.
Federation Forces complete RX-78 Gundam. Final testing of prototype mobile suits begins at Side 7. Meanwhile, development of enhanced RX-78 type begins.
Zeon forces begin full-scale mobile armor research for prototype production.
U.C.0079.09.03 White Base departs Luna II to collect Gundam from Side 7.
U.C.0079.09.05 White Base docks at Side 7.
History's first battle between mobile suits.
Civilian Amuro Ray pilots RX-78 Gundam.
White Base departs with cargo of refugees.
U.C.0079.09.07 Small-scale battle at Luna II.
U.C.0079.09.09 White Base enters atmosphere and descends over Central America.
U.C.0079.09.19 Garma Zabi dies in battle with White Base.
* Preceding party takes place on September 18, according to M.S.ERA image caption.
U.C.0079.09.23 Gihren Zabi delivers speech which is broadcast worldwide.
Ramba Ral corps engages White Base.
U.C.0079.10 White Base contacts Matilda corps and is acknowledged as regular unit.
Federation Forces factories begin mobile suit mass production on 24-hour basis.
Zeon forces develop succession of new machines to resist Federation Forces mobile suits. Mass production prototypes of MS-14 Gelgoog and MS-15 Gyan completed.
Mobile armor development continues at rapid pitch.
* Event appears only in November 1988 and B-CLUB 50 timeline.
Combat deployment of MS-09 Dom.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
Combat deployment of Rick Dom, space version of MS-09 Dom.
Zeon forces successfully complete beam rifle for mobile suit use.
Zeon forces complete psycho-communicator (psycommu) system, jointly developed with Flanagan Agency. System is successfully applied to create psycommu weapons.
Federation Forces complete third Gundam unit, and test pilots begin gathering performance data. Completion of fourth unit is delayed due to adoption of new technology (magnet coating).
U.C.0079.11.05 Operation Odessa.
Goal of Federation Forces counteroffensive is to eliminate Zeon forces that control European mining region. After three days of fighting, Federation Forces are victorious, and military balance on Earth is reversed.
U.C.0079.11 Zeon forces begin mobile armor mass production and prototype deployment.
* Event appears only in November 1988 and B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0079.11.10 Combat deployment of MA-05 Bygro.
* Event appears only in August 1987 and B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0079.11.11 First prototype unit of MA-08 Byg-Zam completed.
* Event appears only in August 1987 and B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0079.11.16 First and second units of MAN-03 Braw-Bro completed.
* Event appears only in August 1987 and B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0079.11.20 Federation Forces begin full-scale deployment of RGM-79 GM.
U.C.0079.11 Zeon's Cyclops special forces team, as experts in combat under gravity, are sent to African front on Earth.
U.C.0079.11.26 African front expands due to Federation Forces offensive.
U.C.0079.11.29 Jaburo Landing Operation.
Zeon forces attack Federation Forces staff headquarters at Jaburo, attempting to destroy its mobile suit factories, but operation ends in failure. With this defeat, collapse of Zeon's terrestrial forces accelerates.
U.C.0079.12.04 White Base returns to space as 13th Autonomous Mobile Corps.
U.C.0079.12.05 White Base engages Camel fleet after leaving satellite orbit.
U.C.0079.12.06 Decision is made to transfer fourth Gundam unit to White Base for use by Amuro Ray.
U.C.0079.12.08 Cyclops team returns to Earth and is temporarily assigned to Arctic Ocean submarine fleet.
Combat deployment of MS-14 Gelgoog begins.
U.C.0079.12.09 Cyclops team attacks Federation Forces base in northern Alaska to capture fourth Gundam unit. However, Gundam narrowly escapes into satellite orbit on a shuttle. Special forces team returns to Granada.
U.C.0079.12.12 Federation Forces shuttle carrying fourth Gundam unit is photographed by boy named Alfred Izuruha, who lives at Side 6.
U.C.0079.12.13 Zeon forces attack Side 6's Libot colony. Bernie participates in battle, and encounters Al afterwards.
White Base docks at Side 6.
U.C.0079.12.14 Bernie returns and is assigned to Cyclops team. Team receives new mobile suit Kaempfer. After decoy operation outside Libot colony, Bernie infiltrates colony interior.
U.C.0079.12.15 Federation Forces begin mopping-up operations in Africa and North America.
U.C.0079.12.15 Al joins Cyclops team. Team begins gathering intelligence and assembling mobile suit. Bernie meets Chris.
U.C.0079.12.16 Prototype MAN-08 Elmeth completed.
* Event appears only in August 1987 and B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0079.12.16 Al infiltrates Federation Forces Gundam factory.
U.C.0079.12.17 Side 6 government expels all Principality of Zeon warships.
U.C.0079.12.19 At Side 6's Libot colony, Cyclops team launches Operation Rubicon to capture fourth Gundam unit. Operation is detected while in progress. Kaempfer makes diversionary attack, but is destroyed by Gundam. Lieutenant Steiner and two of his subordinates killed. Bernie escapes.
U.C.0079.12.20 Granada base commander Admiral Lugens is shot by intelligence officer Commander Killing. Meanwhile, Bernie plans escape from Libot colony.
U.C.0079.12.21 Al and Bernie begin repairing Zaku.
U.C.0079.12.25 Graf Zeppelin fleet destroyed in Side 6 airspace. Fleet is carrying several nuclear warheads.
At Libot colony, Zaku makes a solo attack and engages fourth Gundam unit. Zaku is destroyed, but Gundam is also heavily damaged. Its pilot, Lieutenant JG Mackenzie, survives with an injury to her right arm.
U.C.0079.12.27 Battle of Solomon.
With Tianem Fleet as their main force, Federation Forces attack Zeon's space fortress Solomon, and win battle using Solar System. Solomon becomes frontline base for Federation Forces' invasion of Zeon.
U.C.0079.12.30 Operation Star One begins. Federation Forces commence their invasion of Zeon.
Sovereign Degwin killed by his own nation's Solar Ray.
Federation Forces lose General Revil and more than 60% of their main fleet.
U.C.0079.12.31 Battle of A Baoa Qu.
Gihren Zabi assassinated. Kycilia Zabi dies in battle (or by assassination). White Base sunk.
Char Aznable escapes aboard Gwazine-class battleship Asarum, heading for Axis via Granada.
U.C.0080.01.01 One Year War ends. Ceasefire agreement is concluded at Granada on lunar surface.
Maharaja Karn and other Zeon remnants head for Axis in asteroid belt. Mineva Zabi, heir to Zabi bloodline, is also taken to Axis.
U.C.0080.01.14 Side 6 concludes security treaty with Federation government.
Chris heads to Earth on new mission. Al returns to school.

Translator's Note: The following U.C. dates are covered only in the early timeline versions from the Gundam ZZ Book and the August 1987 Newtype, and in the later version published in B-CLUB 50.

U.C.0080.02 Postwar settlement begins. Federation Forces confiscate all facilities, weapons, and warships of former Zeon forces. Reconstruction begins on Earth and in each Side.
U.C.0081 Zeon remnants wage guerilla warfare in various areas.
Titans formed. Zeon remnant-hunting units are promoted to elite organization.
U.C.0082 Full-scale development of new mobile suits begins.
Panoramic linear seat implemented.
U.C.0083 Mass production and combat deployment of RMS-179 GM II begins.
Prototype RMS-117 Galbaldy Beta completed.
U.C.0084 Fortress colony Gryps completed. It is stationed at Green Oasis (Side 7).
Conversion of Kilimanjaro base into fortress begins.
New mobile suits Gaza-A and Gaza-B completed at Axis.
Mass production of RMS-106 Hizack and RMS-117 Galbaldy Beta begins.
U.C.0085 Research into Cyber-Newtypes and development of psycommu mobile suits begins at Newtype labs throughout world.
Banchi 30 Incident.
Titans use poison gas to suppress anti-Federation movement at Side 1's Banchi 30 colony, killing 3 million people.
U.C.0086 Anaheim Electronics develops new mobile suits.
AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group) becomes active.
Karaba becomes active. This terrestrial guerilla group opposes Federation militarism, and has a cooperative relationship with AEUG.
Prototype RMS-108 Marasai completed.
Prototype RMS-099 Rick Dias secretly completed.
Axis begins mass production of AMX-003 Gaza-C and completes first prototype unit of AMX-004 Qubeley. Other mobile suits successively completed.
Char Aznable returns to Earth Sphere.
U.C.0087.01.10 Small-scale guerilla conflict in Alaska. Details are unclear.
U.C.0087.01.16 Jupitris leaves Jupiter for Earth Sphere.
U.C.0087.02.05 Argama commissioned.
U.C.0087.02.08 Titans complete three prototype units of RX-178 Gundam Mk-II.
U.C.0087.02.10 Anaheim Electronics completes transformable mobile suit MSA-005 Methuss.
U.C.0087.02.25 MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki secretly completed.
U.C.0087.02.26 Argama departs Sweetwater.
U.C.0087.03.02 First armed conflict between Titans and AEUG.
AEUG captures Gundam Mk-II that is being tested at Gryps.
U.C.0087.03.09 Engagement at Banchi 30 colony.
U.C.0087.03.10 Kamille Bidan creates plan for Zeta Gundam. Data disk is delivered to Anaheim's Zeta Project mobile suit development staff via Astonaige.
* In the anime, this happens before the Banchi 30 engagement.
U.C.0087.04.07 Axis begins journey to Earth Sphere.
U.C.0087.04.10 MRX-009 Psycho Gundam completed.
U.C.0087.04.20 Argama reaches Moon.
U.C.0087.04.21 PMX-000 Messala modified for combat use.
U.C.0087.05.04 Kamille engages Scirocco.
U.C.0087.05.05 Jaburo Landing Operation.
AEUG declares war on Federation Forces. However, Federation Forces headquarters have already been relocated elsewhere.
U.C.0087.05.07 NRX-044 Asshimar enters combat.
U.C.0087.05.09 ORX-005 Gaplant enters combat.
U.C.0087.05.13 Audhumla reaches Hong Kong city.
U.C.0087.05.25 MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam completed.
U.C.0087.06.18 Zeta Gundam delivered to Argama.
U.C.0087.07.25 Operation Apollo.
Titans occupy Von Braun City on lunar surface.
U.C.0087.07.30 Earth Federation General Assembly.
Titans are placed in charge of Federation's regular forces.
AEUG representative Blex Forer assassinated.
U.C.0087.08.07 Colony Drop Operation.
Titans officer Jamaican attempts to drop colony on AEUG-occupied Von Braun City, but operation ends in failure.
* In the anime, the colony drop is aimed at Granada, but its target is initially unclear and it's possible that Von Braun City was the original target.
U.C.00087.08.15 PMX-001 Palace Athene completed. Combat deployment of RX-139 Hambrabi and RMS-154 Barzam begins around this time.
U.C.0087.08.19 Char returns to Argama as Blex's successor.
U.C.0087.09.25 Titans attempt to inject Side 2's Banchi 25 colony with poison gas. Attack is halted by Argama.
U.C.0087.10.20 Former Zeon asteroid base Axis arrives in Earth Sphere. Development of new mobile suits such as Galluss-J, R-Jarja, Dreissen, and Zaku III has already begun, but they are not yet ready for combat deployment. Axis is led by Haman Karn.
U.C.0087.11.01 Attack on Kilimanjaro fortress. AEUG and Karaba successfully capture base.
U.C.0087.11.03 AEUG occupies Earth Federation assembly and broadcasts its message worldwide. Positions of Titans and AEUG begin to reverse.
U.C.0087.11.04 MSZ-006C Zeta Plus completed. It is soon deployed to Pegasus III.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0087.12.25 Colony Laser completed. Originally created by connecting two of Side 3's closed-type colonies, Gryps has been separated again, and one section has been turned into Colony Laser.
U.C.0088.01.15 Colony Laser destroys Side 2's Banchi 18 colony.
U.C.0088.01.19 Titans attack Side 2 with poison gas. More than 8 million people killed.
U.C.0088.02.01 Operation Maelstrom.
AEUG surrounds Colony Laser and captures it from Titans.
* It's unclear which battle this corresponds to. In the anime, Axis captures the Colony Laser while the AEUG is attacking the Gate of Zedan, and the AEUG then captures the Colony Laser from Axis.
U.C.0088.02.03 PMX-003 The-O completed.
* In the anime, this mobile suit appears between the attack on the Gate of Zedan and Operation Maelstrom.
U.C.0088.02.10 Asteroid base Axis falls on Granada. Its descent trajectory is changed by direct hit from Colony Laser, and Granada is saved.
U.C.0088.02.22 Final stage of Colony Laser battle.
Titans fleet destroyed. Henken Bekkener, Jerid Messa, Katz Kobayashi, Reccoa Londe, Emma Sheen, and Paptimus Scirocco die in battle. Char Aznable's whereabouts are unknown. Titans effectively annihilated.
U.C.0088.03.01 AEUG flagship Argama docks at Side 1's Shangri-La colony and encounters Judau Ashta.
New Neo Zeon mobile suits deployed in combat (AMX-101 Galluss-J, AMX-006 Gaza-D).
U.C.0088.03.07 Anaheim completes MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam. It then undergoes repeated test runs.
U.C.0088.03.19 Argama departs Shangri-La.
U.C.0088.03.26 Argama locates La Vie En Rose.
U.C.0088.03.30 ZZ Gundam enters combat. Surprised by its performance, Neo Zeon forces begin development of more powerful mobile suits (AMX-014 Doven Wolf, AMX-015 Geymalk, AMA-01X Jamru Fin, etc).
U.C.0088.04.05 Titans remnants who continue to resist Federation Forces on Earth try to hold out at New Guinea base. They are eliminated by all-out attack from Federation mobile suit forces led by Superior Gundam.
* Date specified in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0088.05.07 Argama docks at Moon Moon.
U.C.0088.05.21 Argama renovation work completed.
U.C.0088.07.05 Judau Ashta infiltrates Axis.
U.C.0088.08.02 Second unit of MSN-00100 Hyaku-Shiki delivered to Argama.
U.C.0088.08.09 Neo Zeon forces begin Earth landing operation to take control of Earth Federation. Argama pursues them.
U.C.0088.09.06 Dakar Front.
Haman Karn holds ceremony in Dakar to display Neo Zeon's power. Judau's team breaks into event.
U.C.0088.09.17 African Liberation Army begins small-scale battle in streets of Ghardaia.
U.C.0088.09.22 Nahel Argama completed.
U.C.0088.09.28 Argama reaches Earth Federation's "shadow headquarters" in Dublin.
U.C.0088.10.18 Haman carries out colony drop operation on Dublin to eliminate anti-Neo Zeon forces. Elpeo Ple dies in battle.
U.C.0088.10.25 Nahel Argama enters combat.
U.C.0088.11.16 Nahel Argama docks at Tigerbaum colony.
U.C.0088.11.20 NZ-000 Quin Mantha completed.
U.C.0088.12.10 Asteroid Cicero connected to Core 3 colony. Haman connects asteroid, with its abundant mineral resources, to her own colony to build up her fighting strength.
U.C.0088.12.21 Glemy Toto organizes fleet at Axis.
U.C.0089.01.01 Forces of Haman, Glemy, and Nahel Argama begin armed conflict in Side 3 airspace. Haman and Glemy die in battle. Neo Zeon effectively collapses.
Side 3 and other colony clusters occupied by Neo Zeon return to Earth Federation government control.
U.C.0089.01.31 Judau Ashta departs for Jupiter.
U.C.0089.04 Federation Forces reorganized.
* Date specified in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0090 Opposition to Earth Federation begins to intensify among Spacenoids. Slogan "Revival of Zeon" is conspicuous in demonstrations.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0090.02 Anaheim Electronics develops arm-raker. This will become standard equipment in subsequent mobile suits.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0090.02.03 Sweetwater converted into refugee facility.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0090.03.18 Anaheim Electronics rolls out first unit of AMS-119 Geara Doga. Mass production begins without formal adoption by Federation.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0090.03.21 Federation Forces organize Londo Bell unit. Former White Base and Argama captain Bright Noa is placed in command, to emphasize difference from Titans.
U.C.0090.05.05 Combat deployment of RGM-89 Jegan. Production line system is then radically revised, making this the final mass production model.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0090.12 Psycho-frame technology implemented.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0091.06.03 RGZ-91 Re-GZ completed.
* Date specified in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0091.08.15 Ra Cailum commissioned.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0092.07.09 First unit of MSN-03 Jagd Doga completed.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0092.08.01 MSN-04 Sazabi completed.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0092.12.22 Char Aznable announces occupation of Sweetwater. Neo Zeon forces suddenly reappear.
* Date specified in B-CLUB 50 timeline, and previously published in Bandai's Entertainment Bible 3.
U.C.0092.12.25 Londo Bell unit reinforced. Lieutenant Amuro Ray joins organization.
U.C.0093.02.29 Char Aznable effectively declares war against Earth Federation during TV interview.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0093.03.03 Neo Zeon fleet departs Sweetwater.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline, and previously published in Bandai's Entertainment Bible 3.
U.C.0093.03.04 Neo Zeon carries out asteroid drop operation. 5th Luna falls on Federation headquarters in Lhasa, Tibet. Londo Bell unit is unable to stop it.
U.C.0093.03.05 RX-93 Nu Gundam completed. It is delivered via mass driver on lunar surface.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0093.03.06 Initial peace negotiations take place between Federation and Neo Zeon.
U.C.0093.03.08 NZ-333 Alpha Azieru completed.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline.
U.C.0093.03.12 Neo Zeon launches Axis drop operation, but it is stopped by Federation Forces led by Londo Bell unit.
* Event added in B-CLUB 50 timeline, and previously published in Bandai's Entertainment Bible 3.