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Z Gundam Tenfold Enjoyment Book
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Mobile Suit Z Gundam Tenfold Enjoyment Book, published in May 1985 as an "emergency special issue" of Kodansha's Comic BomBom magazine, was created as an introduction to the recently launched Z Gundam series. As well as setting and production materials, a brief interview with director Yoshiyuki Tomino, and an overview of the Mobile Suit Variation and MS-X series, it includes a Universal Century timeline based largely on Tomino's Mobile Suit Gundam novels.

This U.C. timeline, described as "a complete series chronology to understand the old and new works," was compiled by Masaya Takahashi of the "Stream Base" modeling group. Takahashi was also the writer of the comic MS Senki and, later, the Gundam Sentinel photonovel. A translation appears below.

The following text is copyright © 1985 Kodansha.


Translator's Note: This timeline includes almost all the historical dates and events from Tomino's novels, though some of the timing is adjusted to match the ages of the characters in the anime, and lists the events of the original Mobile Suit Gundam TV series without precise dates. I've added some annotations on individual items.

Year Major Events
A.D.1969 (1) Professor G.K. O'Neill of America's Princeton University establishes space colony concept.
U.C. minus 50
(late 20th century)
Human space settlement program announced.
Construction of the first space colony begins at Lagrange point 5.
U.C.0001 Space settlement begins.
Total human population reaches 9 billion. (2) Excessive human population and pollution are destroying Earth's environment.
U.C.0017 Degwin Zabi born.
U.C.0035 Transfer of asteroid Juno begins.
The plan is to transport the asteroid named Juno (later Luna II) from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter to provide mineral resources for space colony construction.
U.C.0040 40% of total population (about 5 billion) have emigrated to space. (2)
Emergence of Ere-ism. (2)
U.C.0044 Gihren Zabi born.
U.C.0045 Luna II stationed in Moon's orbital path.
The asteroid Juno, transported to the Moon's orbital path, becomes known as Luna II. Space colony construction proceeds at a rapid pitch.
Settlement of Sides 1 and 2 is completed.
The idea of separating from the Earth appears among the Spacenoids. Zeon Zum proposes Contolism, which combines Ere-ism and Colonism. (2)
U.C.0050 Of total population of 11 billion, 9 billion have emigrated. (2)
U.C.0051 Dozle Zabi born.
U.C.0052 Settlement of Side 6 is completed.
Zeon Zum begins to implement Contolism throughout Side 3. (2)
U.C.0055 Kycilia Zabi born.
U.C.0058 Zeon Zum Deikun declares autonomous republic at Side 3.
Antagonism with the Earth Federation intensifies. Zeon Zum Deikun begins working behind the scenes to obtain special mineral resources, provoking the Earth Federation government.
U.C.0059 Caval Rem Deikun (later Char Aznable) born. (3)
Garma Zabi born. (4)
U.C.0060 Bright Noa born.
U.C.0061 Mirai Yashima born.
Ryu Jose born.
U.C.0062 Death of Zeon Zum Deikun.
It is said that his death was an assassination. Degwin Zabi claims that he was named as Zeon's successor, but conflict between the Zeon and Degwin factions continues.
Exploiting the confusion, the Earth Federation attempts to retake control of Side 3.
Artesia Som Deikun (later Sayla Mass) born. (5)
Kai Shiden born.
U.C.0064 Amuro Ray born. (6)
Fraw Bow born.
Hayato Kobayashi born.
U.C.0065 Principality of Zeon established.
In this year, the Zeon nation experiences a major internal conflict. The Zeon (republican) faction is exiled, and Degwin Zabi seizes power. The republic changes to a monarchical system, and becomes a dictatorship of the Zabi family. Sasro Zabi, second son of the Zabi family, is assassinated by the republican faction. Casval and Artesia are taken to Earth by Jimba Ral and his wife, and renamed Edouard and Sayla Mass.
Minovsky particle discovered.
U.C.0067 Side 7 construction plan announced.
U.C.0068 Luna II transferred to present position.
Principality of Zeon launches armament program.
U.C.0070 Kamille Bidan born.
Fa Yuri born.
U.C.0071 Katz Hawin born.
U.C.0072 Miria Yashima's family emigrates to Side 2.
U.C.0073 Letz Co Fan born.
U.C.0074 Casval Deikun (Edouard Mass) enters Principality of Zeon, calling himself Char Aznable. (7)
U.C.0075 Principality of Zeon completes development of Zaku mobile suit. (2)
Kikka Kitamoto born.
U.C.0077 First wave of Side 7 settlement begins.
Sayla Mass emigrates to Side 7.
Char Aznable enters Zeon forces' military academy. (7)
U.C.0078 Principality of Zeon begins preparations for war of independence.
National mobilization announced.
At end of year, Char Aznable graduates from military academy six months early.
U.C.0079 Principality of Zeon declares war against Earth Federation government.
January "One Year War" begins.
Because only three seconds pass between the declaration of war and the start of actual combat, this becomes known as the "Three Second Declaration."
One Week Battle.
The Zeon forces attack Sides 1, 2, 4, and 5, taking the lives of 4 billion people by injecting GG gas into their colonies. This takes about 20 hours.
Colony drop operation.
February Battle of Loum.
History's largest space fleet battle takes place around Side 5, known as Loum, where the combat of the One Week Battle was inconclusive. Both the Federation and Zeon forces exhaust their fighting strength in the Battle of Loum. In this battle, Char sinks five battleships in his red Zaku, and becomes feared as the "Red Comet." Meanwhile, the Black Tri-Stars capture General Revil, the commander of the Federation fleet.
Peace conference is held in Antarctica.
General Revil broadcasts his speech "No soldiers in Zeon."
Antarctic Treaty concluded.
The war becomes a stalemate.
~8 months Federation Forces rebuild Luna II, which was destroyed during One Week Battle, and strive to equip and expand their fleet.
Zeon forces construct space fortress Solomon in former Side 1 airspace.
  Operation V starts.
  White Base docks at Side 7.
In order to gain an advantage in space strategy, where they lagged Zeon, the Federation Forces had carried out a project to develop mobile suits and new warships to operate them. First, two units each of the Gundam, Guncannon, and Guntank whose development was led by Tem Ray were brought to Side 7. Here they were assembled and adjusted, and underwent final tests. Tem returned to Jaburo with the satisfactory results. He then headed back to Side 7 aboard the White Base, constructed by Engineering Colonel Seki's team, to collect the three mobile suit types. The ship was meant to return to Jaburo carrying six fully equipped and operable mobile suits, but it was discovered by Lieutenant Commander Char. Having lost its regular pilot, the Gundam accidentally ended up becoming Amuro's machine.
  White Base heads for Luna II (Luna II escape operation).
The three types of RX-series mobile suits are loaded aboard the White Base, and Captain Paolo, who was headed for Jaburo, entrusts the ship to Bright and the other boys and girls. The White Base now leaves the regular Federation Forces chain of command, becoming an extra unit, and heads for Earth.
  White Base reaches Earth, with Char in pursuit.
  Garma Zabi dies in battle with White Base.
  Ramba Ral corps arrives on Earth.
  Char is demoted.
  Amuro deserts White Base.
  Ramba Ral dies in battle with White Base.
  Ramba Ral corps, commanded by Crowley Hamon, is wiped out. Ryu Jose dies in battle.
  Matilda corps delivers G-Parts to White Base.
  Black Tri-Stars head for Earth.
  Matilda Ajan dies in battle.
  Operation Odessa begins.
Operation Odessa is a Federation Forces counteroffensive to eliminate the Zeon forces led by M'Quve, which control the European mining region on Earth. The Federation Forces are victorious. The Black Tri-Stars are wiped out.
  White Base heads for Belfast base (Northern Ireland).
  Char returns to front lines.
  White Base heads for Jaburo (South America).
  Char's Mad Angler team locates Jaburo.
  Battle of Jaburo.
  White Base launches into space and heads for Side 6. Sleggar Law joins crew.
  Amuro encounters Char and Lalah Sune.
  Conscon Mobile Force annihilated.
  Battle of Solomon.
The Federation Forces cannot invade Zeon without gaining control of Zeon's space fortress Solomon. They win the battle using the Solar System. Lieutenant JG Sleggar of the White Base, and Vice Admiral Dozle of Zeon, die in battle.
  Battle at Texas Colony.
  M'Quve dies in battle.
  White Base returns to Solomon.
  Challia Bull dies in battle.
  Dr. Mosk Han applies magnet coating to Gundam.
  Principality of Zeon begins forced evacuation of Mahar colony.
This is for sake of Solar Ray project.
  Sovereign Degwin Zabi departs aboard battleship Great Degwin for peace negotiations with Federation.
  Lalah Sune dies in battle.
  Sovereign Degwin Zabi and General Revil killed by Solar Ray.
  Operation Star One begins (Battle of A Baoa Qu).
  Gihren Zabi assassinated.
  Kycilia Zabi assassinated.
  White Base sunk.
  Char escapes A Baoa Qu aboard battleship Asarum. (8)
U.C.0080 One Year War ends.
(A ceasefire agreement is concluded between Earth Federation and Republic of Zeon.)
U.C.0087 Seven years later. The world of Z Gundam!

Translator's Notes

(1) The formatting of the published timeline is a little confusing here, as the year "1979" also appears above this text, but I think this must be an error.

(2) This information is from the timeline in the original setting notes.

(3) Char is 20 years old in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime. In Tomino's novels, he appears to be a little older; most likely he was born around U.C.0057, making him the same age as Garma Zabi.

(4) Garma is 20 years old in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime. In Tomino's novels, we are told he was eight years old when the Principality of Zeon was established in U.C.0065, so presumably he was born around U.C.0057 and is now about 22 years old.

(5) Sayla is 17 years old in the Mobile Suit Gundam anime. In Tomino's novels, we are told she was three years old when Zeon Deikun died in U.C.0062, and is now 20 years old, so presumably she was born around U.C.0059.

(6) Amuro is 15 years old at the beginning of the Mobile Suit Gundam anime. In Tomino's novels, we are told he is one or two years younger than 20-year-old Sayla, and that he was separated from his mother at age six. The latter date may correspond to the start of Side 7's construction in U.C.0067, suggesting that Amuro was born around U.C.0061.

(7) Tomino's novels offer conflicting information as to when Char entered Zeon. At one point we're told it was in U.C.0070, but elsewhere Tomino writes that he separated from his sister seven or eight years ago, which would be around U.C.0072. We're also told that Char entered Zeon at age 15 and enrolled in military academy at age 18, and those claims appear to be the basis for the dates used here.

(8) This ship is also mentioned in the game book "The Last Red Comet," published in May 1986, but this appears to be the first published reference to it.