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Gundam ZZ Finale
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Translator's Note: The final episode of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, episode 47, was broadcast on January 31, 1987. Its script is co-credited to Meigo Endo (now known as Akinori Endo), one of the two main series writers, and "Minoru Yokitani," a pseudonym for series director Yoshiyuki Tomino. This is one of two cases (the other being episode 44) in which Tomino took a co-credit for the script, and in this instance it appears to be a result of Tomino's extensive dialogue revisions.

How do we know this? Well, as it turns out, an earlier draft of the script—credited to Endo alone—was reproduced in the "Complete Newtype Picture Book," a bonus booklet included with the March 1987 issue of Animedia magazine. Though the plot and physical events are largely identical to the final anime, the majority of the dialogue and a couple of key scenes are quite different, and Endo repeats most of this early-draft dialogue verbatim in his novelization of the anime.

Below, I've translated most of the key dialogue from this draft, along with the original Japanese text and a few notes on the accompanying physical action.


The episode begins with Judau and Roux visiting the injured Ple-Two in the sickbay of the Nahel Argama. Unlike the final anime, Ple-Two doesn't call out to Judau as her "big brother."

JUDAU   Ple-Two...

ROUX   Poor girl... She can't live the life she chose for herself...

JUDAU   From now on she will! From now on, this girl can live as she pleases! I'll make sure of it!
「これからだよ! これからこの子は自分の好きな生き方ができる! 俺がそうさせて見せるさ!」

The tactical discussion on the bridge refers to the asteroid Mousa rather than Core 3, which seems more clear. In an extra line, Judau discusses his "connection" to Haman.

KEITHRON   Mousa is heading for Core 3.

BEECHA   The surviving Neo Zeon are hiding on the other side of Mousa, right?

TORRES   I guess we're both hiding from each other.

ELLE   Why haven't they attacked us?

BEECHA   Maybe they're waiting for us to make a move.

JUDAU   No, they're waiting for me.

JUDAU   Haman is waiting for me.
She's standing by to respond to our movement.
「ハマーンは俺を待っている。 こちらの動きにあわせて、じっと待ってくれているんだ」

ELLE   That's...

JUDAU   I know it. Me and Haman are somehow connected.
So it's useless trying to deceive each other.
「俺には分かる。 俺とハマーンはどこかで繋がっている。 だからだまし合いをしても無駄だ」

ELLE   Judau!

JUDAU   I don't want any more pointless bloodshed.
This will be settled between me and Haman. She wants that, too.
「これ以上、無駄な血は流したくない。 決着は俺とハマーンの間でつける。 それをハマーンも望んでいる」


Judau exits the bridge with his space burger, followed by Elle and Beecha. The rest of this scene largely matches the final anime, but the following conversation between Judau, Elle, and Beecha unfolds differently, and nobody gets slapped.

ELLE   Judau!

JUDAU   What is it? Don't get in my way.
「なんだよ。 邪魔するなよ」

ELLE   I'm going too. We still have the Hyaku-Shiki, right?
「私も行く。 百式がまだ残ってるでしょう!」

JUDAU   If we send out the Hyaku-Shiki as well, how will we protect the Nahel Argama?

ELLE   But for you to go alone—

BEECHA   Elle!

ELLE   You're hurting me! Let go!
「痛いわよ! 離して!」

BEECHA   What are you saying? You're getting in Judau's way.
「なに言ってんだ。 ジュドーの邪魔をしてるんだろ」

JUDAU   I'll leave the rest to you, Beecha.

BEECHA   Right, now eat up! That's the Shangri-La spirit.
「ああ、しっかり食べよ。 シャングリラ魂だぞ」

JUDAU   The Shangri-La spirit... I haven't heard that in a while.
「シャングリラ魂…… 懐かしいな、その言葉」

ELLE   Judau!

BEECHA   Stop it!

ELLE   Let me go! Beecha, don't you care that we're letting Judau do this alone?
「離してよ! ビーチャ、あんたよく平気でジュドーを一人でやれるわね!」

BEECHA   It doesn't mean I don't care!

ELLE   Beecha...?

BEECHA   I'm a terrible person, sending my friend into battle expecting to die.
But if I went with him, I couldn't do anything to help.
At least I can protect everyone on the Nahel Argama.
「俺は汚い人間だよ。 友達が死ぬ思いで戦いに出ようっていうのに、一緒に行って助けてやることもできない……

BEECHA   I don't want you to fight anymore... I don't want you to fight.
「もうお前を戦わせたくない…… 戦わせたくないんだ…」

ELLE   Thank you... Beecha.
「ありがとう…… ビーチャ」

ELLE   Well, Judau's a Newtype, after all.
Let's believe in him. We'll believe in him and wait.
「そうだよね…… ジュドーはニュータイプだもん…… 信じよう。 信じて待っていようね」

Judau's extended conversation with Astonaige on the mobile suit deck, and his inner monologue before launching, show us a bit more of his state of mind.

ASTONAIGE   The checks are perfect, and the engine's at critical. You can go any time.
「チェックは万全だ。 エンジンは臨界にしたといた。 すぐ出られるぞ」

JUDAU   Good old Mr. Astonaige. Got anything to drink?
「さすがアストナージさん。 飲み物ある?」

ASTONAIGE   Sure. Will this do?
「ああ。 こいつでいいか?」

JUDAU   Thanks!

JUDAU   Thank you for everything, Mr. Astonaige.
「あっ! いろいろな世話になったね、アストナージさん」

ASTONAIGE   Hey, what? Don't you like me anymore?
「なんだよ、おい。 俺を嫌いになったのか?」

JUDAU   Huh? Did it sound like that?
「あれ? そんなふうに聞こえた?」

ASTONAIGE   You should say something more upbeat before you sortie.

JUDAU   Well, okay then. How about I go for some light exercise before I eat?

ASTONAIGE   That's right, military meals don't count as food.

JUDAU   Yeah!

ASTONAIGE   Or is that too spirited?

Judau proceeds to the Nahel Argama's catapult deck and gives a brief monologue.

IINO   Judau, the position of Haman's ship hasn't changed.
It's still on the other side of Mousa.
「ジュドー、ハマーンの船の位置は変わらない。 相変わらず、モウサの裏側だ」

JUDAU   Gotcha.

JUDAU   Don't worry, everyone. There are a lot of things I still want to do.
How could I die in a war like this?
「みんな、心配するなよ。 俺だってやりたいことは山ほどあるんだ。

JUDAU   Judau Ashta, Gundam Double Zeta, here I go!

As he launches, we see Ple-Two stirring in the Nahel Argama's sickbay.

PLE-TWO   (groans) Judau is...
「うっ……! ジュドーが……!」

Haman's conversation with Chara, and her challenge to Judau, are slightly extended.

CHARA   You're going to make me lose face.

HAMAN   Oh? Good mental condition, if you're saying things like that...
「ほう…… いい精神状態だな。 そう言えるとは……」

CHARA   It's reckless to go alone. At least take us with you!
「お一人で行かれるなど、無茶です。 せめて我々をお供に!」

HAMAN   Don't worry. My opponent's also coming alone.
「案するな。 相手も一機でくる」

CHARA   How can you say that?! It's a powerful enemy!
「なんでそんなこと言ってるんですか! 敵は強力であります!」

HAMAN   If that boy won't join me, all that's left is to defeat him.
Judau Ashta understands that, too.

CHARA   Lady Haman. Aah... Lady Haman...
「ハマーンさま。 ああ…… ハマーンさま……」

HAMAN   You got me to wear a normal suit, Judau Ashta. You're the first.
「私にノーマル・スーツを着る気にさせたジュドー・アーシタ…… おまえが初めてだよ。」

HAMAN   Qubeley, heading out!

Haman swiftly locates Judau.

JUDAU   She's here!

HAMAN   (laughs) Personal combat, eh? However many warships or mobile suits I have,
the outcome hasn't been decided yet.
「フフフ…… 一騎討ちか。 どんなに戦艦多くても、どんなに手持ちモビル・スーツがあっても、

JUDAU   Let's go, Haman!

HAMAN   This is the end, Judau!

At this point their confrontation is interrupted by remnants of Glemy's forces.

JUDAU   What?!


Just as in the anime, Haman leaves Chara to deal with the remnants, and Chara dies gloriously as Judau follows Haman inside Mousa. Meanwhile, the Nahel Argama exchanges fire with the Neo Zeon fleet.

BEECHA   Have the mechanics man the gun turrets and return fire!
Otherwise, we'll control them from the bridge!
「メカマンを砲座につかせろ! 応戦しろ! でなければブリッジからコントロールだ!」

TORRES   Send out more dummy asteroids!

ELLE   I'm on it!

ROUX   Send out the Hyaku-Shiki! We'll never last!
「百式出しましょう! 持たないわ!」

IINO   I'll go!

BEECHA   No, I will! Come on, Mondo. You're in the Mega-Rider!
「いや、俺だ! モンド、来い! おまえはメガ・ライダーだ!」

TORRES   Wait! It's Core 3!
「待て! コア3だ!」

IINO   Core 3 and Mousa are colliding!

TORRES   Get away! We'll be caught in the aftermath of the collision!
「逃げろ! 衝突の余波に巻き込まれる!」

BEECHA   Why didn't you notice that sooner?!

BEECHA   Retreat at full speed while releasing dummy asteroids!

Judau and Haman begin their duel inside Mousa. Though the course of the battle is largely identical to the final anime, their dialogue is almost completely different.

HAMAN   Judau! Do you understand why I brought you here?
「ジュドー! どうして私がここにおまえを連れて来たかわかるか!」

JUDAU   Yeah. It's because you're sentimental!
「分るよ! センチメンタルだよ、あんたの!」

HAMAN   You think so? This is the birthplace of Neo Zeon. And it's where you and I first met.
I'll make you feel this fact in your bones...
「よく言う! ここはネオ・ジオンの発祥の地だ。 そして、おまえと私が初めて会った場所でもある!

HAMAN   I'll make you accept the fact that this will be your grave!

JUDAU   How self-indulgent.

JUDAU   Wait!


HAMAN   What?!

Mousa collides with Core 3. The Nahel Argama is still retreating.

MONDO   Can the Nahel Argama hold out?!
「も、持つのかよ! ネェル・アーガマは!」

BEECHA   Of course it will! What are you saying?
「持たせるんだ! なに言ってる!」

Haman and Judau continue their battle.

HAMAN   Mousa has collided with a colony... is it Core 3?
「コロニーに衝突したのか、モウサは…… コア3か?」

JUDAU   Haman?!

HAMAN   It must be Core 3.

JUDAU   It's over, Haman! Mousa and Core 3 have collided.
This is the voice of heaven! You have to accept that fact!
「もう終りだ、ハマーン! モウサとコア3が衝突した。 これは天の声だよ。 この事実を認めるんだな!」

HAMAN   Impertinent words for a little boy!

JUDAU   It's the truth!

Haman's Qubeley slips behind Judau's ZZ.

HAMAN   I have your back, Judau!

JUDAU   When did she—?!
「!? いつの間に!?」

JUDAU   Stop it! You'll be hit, too!
「やめろ! あんたも落ちるぞ!」

HAMAN   Oh, really? We'll see who the voice of heaven sides with, Judau!
「どうかな! 天の声はどちらに味方する! ジュドー!」

Judau separates the ZZ as Haman fires her funnels, and is then knocked from the cockpit of his Core Fighter.

HAMAN   The main camera's dead. Damn you, Judau!
「メイン・カメラが死んだか! ジュドーめ!」

Haman exits her Qubeley to pursue him.

HAMAN   Judau!

HAMAN   Judau! Won't you come join me?
「ジュドー! 私のもとに来る気はないか!」

JUDAU   That line again...!

HAMAN   I'll keep saying it. It would be a pity to kill you.
「今度でも言う。 殺すには惜しい」

JUDAU   How can you say that now? I'm not fighting you to avenge Leina.
It's because you're the source of evil. I can't let that go.
「いまさらなにを言う! あんたはリィナの仇だから戦うんじゃない。
あんたは悪を生む源なんだ。 このままにしておけない」

HAMAN   (laughs) Once there was another Newtype who said the same thing to me...
But fate, and people's lives, are the result of our own power!
「フフ…… 昔、それと同じことを私に言ったニュータイプがいた……

Haman returns to her Qubeley, and Judau to his disabled Core Fighter.

HAMAN   So in the end, it's fated to be this way, Judau Ashta.

JUDAU   She's here?!

JUDAU   Move! What's wrong?! Move!!
「動け! どうした! 動け!」

JUDAU   Moooove—!

HAMAN   What the—?!

The ZZ's separated parts are surrounded by an aura of energy as they recombine. (Unlike the final anime, there are no spirits of deceased Newtypes.)

HAMAN   It has a psycommu system?!
Is the Double Zeta equipped with psycommu this powerful?!

JUDAU   It's power! The power... is me!
「力だ! 力は…… 俺だっ!」

HAMAN   Judau! What have you done?!
「ジュドー! 貴様、なにをしたっ!」

JUDAU   Ever since Amuro Ray, the Gundam has been absorbing people's strength...
Don't you understand that's given birth to this power, Haman?!
「ガンダムは…… アムロ・レイ以来、人の力を吸い続けてきた……
これが、この力を生むって分からないのか! ハマーンっ!」

HAMAN   What nonsense...!

JUDAU   That's rude!

Judau repulses the Qubeley with the ZZ's high mega cannon.

JUDAU   Double Zeta... absorb my power... and guide me...
「ダブル・ゼータ…… 力を吸い込んで…… 俺を導く……」

JUDAU   Where is she hiding? Where...?
That miserable person ruled by a blood grudge...?
「どこに隠れてる? どこだ……? 血の怨念に支配された悲しい人は……?」

JUDAU   There?!

HAMAN   I've got you!

JUDAU   What?!

Haman and Judau exchange beam saber blows, disabling both their mobile suits. The meaning of Haman's next line seems somewhat cryptic.

HAMAN   Blood flows within me! Blood flowing from long before the Zabi family!
「私の中に血の流れがある! ザビ家以前よりの長い血の流れが!」

JUDAU   Haman!

HAMAN   I'd like to call that a draw... but I'm the loser.
「相打ちと言いたいが…… こちらの負けだな……」

JUDAU   Neither of us can fight any more. The contest is over.
「お互いにこれ以上戦えない。 勝負は終わりだ」

HAMAN   (laughs) But we're still alive. (exhales)
「フフ…… だが、我々はまだ生きている。 くうっ……!!」

JUDAU   Tell me something, Haman Karn.
「答えてくれ! ハマーン・カーン」

HAMAN   What is it, boy...?
「なんだ…… 少年……」

JUDAU   If you, Glemy, Ple, Ple-Two, and all the people called Newtypes
had cooperated with each other... without fighting...
With no fighting... couldn't you have made such a wonderful world?
みんなで協力しあっていたら…… 戦わずに…… 戦いなんでやらず……

HAMAN   You're talking fantasy!
Earth is full of flightless humans whose souls are drawn by gravity.
The Earth Sphere can't be saved without eliminating them.
That's where the power is. That's power!
「夢を言う! いいか、地球は重力に魂を引かれて翔べない人間がひしめいている。
これを抹殺しなければ地球圏は救われん。 それには力なんだ。 力だ!」

In Endo's novelization, there are two extra lines after this.
JUDAU   You're saying that if you'd defeated me, you'd eliminate humanity?
HAMAN   Just the fools who keep polluting Earth! However, you...

HAMAN   Go now. I'm tired.
「行け。 私は疲れた」

JUDAU   Let's go together. It's all over.
「一緒にいこう。 すべて終わったんだ」

Judau reaches out to Haman.

HAMAN   It's all just beginning...
Even though I became corrupted in the warmth of the Earth Sphere,
I took a stand because I couldn't leave the Earth Sphere as it was.
But you were standing before me, getting in my way!
And yet you're still a Newtype?!
「すべては振り出しだ…… 私は地球圏の暖かさの中で堕落としかけたが、
が、その前に立ちはだかり、邪魔をした! それでもニュータイプなのか!」

The script version of this line is a little ambiguous, but Endo's novelization expands the final sentences and makes it clear she's referring to Judau.

HAMAN   That's how it is...

JUDAU   Haman!

HAMAN   Remember this well, Judau Ashta!

Haman then dies as in the final anime, deliberately crashing into Mousa's inner wall.

JUDAU   Haman... You...
「ハマーン…… あんたは……」

JUDAU   What the—?!

As Judau tries to escape Mousa in his Core Fighter, Ple-Two awakens in the Nahel Argama's sickbay.

PLE-TWO   Judau?!

PLE-TWO   Judau can't get out of Mousa...?

PLE-TWO   I see... Now it's my turn to save Judau. I get it, Ple...
「そうだね…… 今度は私がジュドーを助ける番だ。 そうだね、プル……」

Judau continues trying to escape. Ple-Two enters the Nahel Argama's bridge, where the crew are wondering about the outcome of the duel. Her exchange with Elle is fairly straightforward, but establishes a relationship between the two characters that continues in the following scenes. Unlike the final anime, Ple-Two never refers to Judau as her "big brother."


BEECHA   Judau must have won!

ELLE   Ple-Two?!

PLE-TWO   Judau's in danger... he's in danger.
「ジュドーが危ない…… ジュドーが危ないの」

ELLE   Huh? How? How is Judau in danger?!
「そっ!? どうして!? どうしてジュドーが危ないの!?」

ELLE   Ple-Two!

After another Judau scene, we return to the bridge.

ELLE   So you're saying Judau is trapped inside Mousa, huh?

PLE-TWO   Yeah...

TORRES   High mega particle cannon firing preparations complete.

BEECHA   Hey! You really believe what that girl is saying?!
「おい! 本当にその子の言うことを信じるのかよ!」

MONDO   If we attack Mousa with Judau inside it, won't he be in danger too?

BEECHA   I bet you're lying on purpose!

PLE-TWO   If you attack like I say, Judau will be saved...

BEECHA   Don't you get it?! She's a Cyber-Newtype!
「わかるもんか! こいつは強化人間なんだろ!」

ELLE   Beecha, this girl is Ple! She's Ple!
「ビーチャ、この子はプルなんだよ! プルなんのよ!」

BEECHA   Ple...?

ELLE   This girl is Ple reborn.

In Endo's novelization, Elle goes on to add, "Isn't that right? That's why she wants to help Judau."

PLE-TWO   Ple... I'm Ple...?
「プル…… 私はプル……?」

BEECHA   I get it. But if Judau dies because of this, I'm gonna kill that girl! I'll—
「わかった。 でもな、そのためにジュドーが死んだら、今度は俺がその子を殺すぞ! 俺はー」

ELLE   Fine with me! I'll do it myself!
「いいよ! 私だって、そうしていい!」

BEECHA   Elle...?

KEITHRON   Range and position fixed. Will this do?
「射程位置固定。 これでいいんだな?!」

PLE-TWO   Yes... Use low power.
「そう…… 出力は弱くね」


BEECHA   R-Right! Whatever! High mega particle cannon, fire!
「よ、よし! 知らねえぞ! ハイ・メガ粒子砲、発射!」

The Nahel Argama fires its high mega particle cannon as per Ple-Two's directions, and Judau escapes as in the final anime. After the crew spot his Core Fighter, Elle turns to congratulate Ple-Two.


ELLE   We did it! Ple-Two, it was just as you said! Because of you, we saved Judau!
「やった! プルツー、あんたの言うとおりよ! あんたのおかげでジュドーは助かったのよ!」

ELLE   Thank you—?

ELLE   Ple... Ple is... dead! Ple's dead!
「プル…… プルが…… 死んじゃったよ! プルが!」

The returning Judau witnesses the belated arrival of the AEUG fleet.

JUDAU   Of course, it's the AEUG fleet! Those grown-ups, showing up now...
Those grown-ups!
「やっぱりエゥーゴの艦隊だ! いまごろ来るなんて、大人たちは…… 大人たちは……!」

Haman's flagship surrenders, and Mineva is revealed to be a body double, or "kagemusha." Unlike the final anime, the scene concludes without Judau punching Bright (or Bright inviting him to).

MINEVA   I'm not Princess Mineva! I'm just a double.
I only became Princess Mineva on Lady Haman's orders...
「私はミネバさまではありません! ただの影武者です。

BRIGHT   This child is telling the truth. Mineva Zabi is the rightful heir to the Zabi family.
She wouldn't stoop so low as to lie her way out of a situation like this.
「この子のいうことは本当です。 ミネバ・ザビはザビ家の正当な後継者です。

JUDAU   It doesn't matter either way! The question is, what about you guys?
You think you can keep living on Earth without doing anything?!
「どっちでもいいよ、そんなこと! 問題なのは、あんたら一体なんだっていうんだ!

BRIGHT   Stop it, Judau!
「やめろ! ジュドー!」

ROUX   Stop, Judau! Please stop! It's pointless getting angry like this!
「ジュドー! やめなさい! やめなさいよ! 無駄なのよ、そういう怒り方!」

JUDAU   But what about the feelings of those who died? What about them?!
「しかし死んだ連中の気持ちはどうなるんだ! どうなるんだよ!」

ROUX   Judau...

The Nahel Argama crew return to their ship, where Judau and Roux have a brief conversation.

ROUX   So, what will you do now?

JUDAU   I'm not a volunteer soldier... Maybe I'll go to Jupiter.
「俺は志願兵じゃないし…… 木星にでもいこうかな」

ROUX   Jupiter...? That's pretty far.
「木星か…… 遠いわね」

JUDAU   Yeah.

ROUX   Maybe I'll go too.

Later, the Nahel Argama crew bid farewell to Judau and Roux as they depart for Jupiter.

BRIGHT   I have high hopes. Do your best.
「期待している。 頑張るんだぞ」

JUDAU   Right, I'll study hard. I don't like that it's a remodeled Jupitris, though.
「ああ、しっかり勉強してくる。 ジュピトリスを改造したやつだっていうのが気に入らないけどね」

ELLE   Look after Judau, Roux.

ROUX   Hey, I'm not going as a good-luck charm.

BEECHA   But isn't that how it'll end up?

JUDAU   No, I'll be the baby-sitter.

BRIGHT   With this much energy, never mind Jupiter,
you'll have no trouble jumping out of the solar system.

JUDAU   That's right. Even better, why not the far end of the galaxy?
「そうだな。 いっそのこと銀河系の果てまでいってやろうかな」

BRIGHT   Yes, good idea.

Sayla and Leina watch from the upper level.

SAYLA   Are you really okay not seeing him off?
Once he leaves for Jupiter, you won't see him for three years.
「本当に見送りにいかなくていいの? 木星に行ってしまえば、三年は会えなくてよ」

LEINA   All I ever did was get in my brother's way. I don't want to do that this time.
If he sees me, his determination will waver.
As long as we're alive, we can meet again any time, right?
「私、お兄ちゃんの邪魔ばかりしていました。 今度は邪魔したくない。
私に会えば、お兄ちゃんの決心は鈍ります。 生きていればいつでも会えるでしょう?」

SAYLA   Well, if that's alright...

LEINA   ...Yes.

In the final anime, Leina simply changes her mind and goes to see her brother after all. Here, though, Judau senses her presence and runs through the crowd looking for her.

JUDAU   Right, let's go.

JUDAU   Leina...?!

JUDAU   It's Leina! Leina's here!
「リィナだ! リィナがいるんだ!」

ROUX   Judau?!

BEECHA   Here, where are you going?!

BRIGHT   Torres, have them delay the launch!

JUDAU   Leina, where are you?! Leina!
「リィナ、どこだ! リィナ!」

Judau grabs strangers, mistaking them for his sister.

JUDAU   Not her...?! But...!
「違う……!? でも……!」

JUDAU   That's not Leina... Where are you, Leina?!
「リィナじゃない…… どこだ、リィナ!」

ROUX   What are you saying...?!

MONDO   He's acting weird...

BEECHA   Let's stop him!

BRIGHT   Wait! He's fine as he is...
「待てよ! いいのだよ、あれで……」

Leina turns to leave, but Sayla stops her.

SAYLA   Wait a moment.

LEINA   But...!

SAYLA   People have connections. And those are strong things.
Please don't worry. You've become too considerate.
「人は繋がっているわ。 そして強いものよ。 安心なさい。 あなたは優しくなりすぎたわ」

LEINA   ...Yes.

Leina and Sayla go down together, and the siblings are briefly but joyously reunited.

JUDAU   Leina... it really is...
「リィナ…… やっぱり……」

LEINA   Big brother...

JUDAU   Leina!

LEINA   Big brother!

JUDAU   Leina... you were alive... Leina...
「リィナ…… 生きていたんだな…… リィナ……」

LEINA   Big brother...

Later, aboard the Jupitris II, Judau and Roux have a brief conversation.

JUDAU   Somebody once said that people can be connected as one, and I believe it.
Isn't that right, Kamille?

JUDAU   Kamille? Did I just say Kamille...?
「カミーユだって? いま、俺、カミーユって……?」

ROUX   What is it?

JUDAU   Nothing...

JUDAU   Kamille Bidan...?

These final lines are a little different in Endo's novelization.
ROUX   What is it?
JUDAU   Nothing... Just saying goodbye.
ROUX   To who?
JUDAU   To my other self.

As in the final anime, the episode ends with a wordless scene of Kamille and Fa running on the beach, and then the Jupitris II departing for Jupiter. That's all!