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The so-called Tomino Memo is a story outline written by director Yoshiyuki Tomino for a planned 52-episode run of the original Mobile Suit Gundam television series. This was completed on June 2, 1979, the same day that episode 9 of the series was broadcast. As described in the separate production history article, at this point the sponsors had requested the addition of a "power-up" mecha for the Gundam and a bigger variety of enemy robots, and this is clearly reflected in the story outline. Some of the mobile suits and characters mentioned here—or at least their names—were later revived in the MS-X variation series and Tomino's novels.

A partial version of this memo, covering episode 37 onwards, was reproduced in volume five of the Mobile Suit Gundam Complete Works series, published by the Sunrise animation studio in October 1980. A more complete version appeared in the laser disc Mobile Suit Gundam Memorial Box released in 1998, and I've used this version and its detailed annotations as the basis for my translation below.

The following text is copyright © Nippon Sunrise.


Translator's note: All text and annotations below are as published in the Mobile Suit Gundam Memorial Box. Unless otherwise noted, all footnotes in the sidebar are from the Memorial Box, but I've used this space for some translator's notes as well.

Mobile Suit Gundam was initially planned as four cours (52 episodes), and so several episodes were deleted during its broadcast run. Published here is the full text of the plot for the latter half of the story, as written by Director Tomino, which could be called the "Original Gundam." Feel free to refer to this as you watch the animation.

Episodes 22 to 25
The Earth Federation Forces carry out "Operation Odessa" to eliminate the European forces commanded by M'Quve, said to be Zeon's strongest. Under the command of General Revil and General Elran, they attack the enemy army from the front.

The White Base, now incorporated into the regular forces, is given the mission of disrupting the enemy from the rear. But Elran is working with M'Quve, and as a result, Matilda is killed when she comes to aid the White Base. The "G-Parts," a set of power-up parts for the Gundam, serves as compensation for her loss.

Using the G-Parts, Amuro defeats Zeon's soldiers. Elran is also taken down, and the Federation Forces are victorious in Operation Odessa. Withdrawing from the front, M'Quve rejoins Kycilia.

Episodes 26 to 30
Commander Char returns as the commander of the Mad Angler team, a submarine unit deployed in the Atlantic Ocean. Ofter Operation Odessa, the White Base is repaired and ultimately launches as part of a space operation, and Char seizes this opportunity. Kai Shiden has an unfulfilled romance with the female spy Miharu Collizon. Lieutenant JG Woody, Matilda's lover, wages a fierce battle. Then, as he fights to protect the little children, Amuro gradually becomes aware of the Earth he must protect.

The White Base receives repairs in a Federation Forces arsenal, located in vast underground caves in South America, and a newly appointed officer named Lieutenant JG Sleggar Glenn joins the crew. Mirai falls in love with Sleggar, while Sayla is uncontrollably shaken by Char's return.

Char's attack on the Earth Federation Forces headquarters ends in failure. The White Base is now given a new mission as part of a special raiding unit.

Note: Char has been released by Dozle and become Kycilia's direct subordinate.

Episode 31: Zanzibar Pursuit
On the orders of the operations staff, the White Base launches from South America. Char of the Mad Angler team contacts Kycilia and begins pursuing the White Base, concluding that its destination must be the site of the Federation Forces' next operation. Char is met by the new warship Zanzibar, loaded with "Dom" heavy mobile suits.

Lieutenant JG Bright is optimistic. Escaping the atmosphere requires tremendous power. Even if they detect the White Base's launch, he says, only Musais will be waiting for them in satellite orbit.

For Amuro, battle is no longer a subject of terror. For example, he wonders why Tokwan--the enemy before him--is pursuing them so relentlessly. Mirai finds that she can talk freely with Lieutenant Sleggar, and for a moment she discovers peace of mind. And Sayla is despondent again. She is clearly frustrated by her own inability to do anything about Char's reappearance, and this draws Bright's attention.

☆The White Base is dispatched as a decoy so that other Federation Forces can launch.

Episode 32: Breakthrough Operation
Tokwan's Dom team is driven away, but the Gundam is damaged in the battle. (There is a battle depiction.) The Gundam returns to the White Base and the ship enters satellite orbit. But, just as Bright predicted, three Musais are descending at a perpendicular angle. The Zanzibar is approaching from behind, and the Musais from above.

Meanwhile, the Federation's Tianem fleet has escaped the atmosphere, and thanks to the White Base's diversionary operation it has gathered safely at Luna II.

Deploying the Guncannon, Guntank, and G-Parts (piloted by Sleggar) ahead of it, the White Base breaks through the wall of Musais. Despite a tremendous expenditure of power, Char's Zanzibar is once again left trembling with fear at the White Base's latent abilities as it smashes through the Musais. (During the breakthrough operation, the Gundam is partially repaired and annihilates Gouf and Gogg types.)

During this operation, Sayla asks Amuro whether she could become a pilot. In short, she has decided that there is no other way for her to make contact with Char. In response, Amuro asks for the first time, "Miss Sayla, what's the matter?" He doesn't think that this will interfere with the operation.

Bright notices Mirai's feelings for Sleggar, and seems to be jealous.

The White Base is more exhausted than they anticipated. Giving up on gathering at Luna II, it takes an escape course for Side 6. Dozle's forces launch!

Episode 33: Fierce Battle! The Dozam's Assault
Conscon's mobile force, under Dozle's command, begins pursuing the White Base. It consists of a Chivvay heavy cruiser and two Musais, and is also carrying the melee combat mobile suit "Dozam," which is like a Dom + Adzam combination.

Char and Conscon don't get along with each other. "Not even the Gundam can handle the Dozam developed by the Space Strike Fleet!" "Don't think that it's an opponent you can beat with superior performance."

It's awkward for Char to meet one of Dozle's subordinates. Returning to the Zanzibar, he receives Kycilia's permission to head for Side 6 and put a preexisting mission into operation.

In the face of the "Antarctic Treaty," Conscon won't contemplate attacking the White Base now that it has entered the neutral Side 6, but on the orders of the short-tempered Dozle he launches a surprise attack and lures out the Gundam. A battle begins, but in this episode it ends in a draw.

The person who halts this battle is Cameron Bloom, Mirai's former fiance. As a representative of Side 6's Rank administration, he contacts Conscon and secures the withdrawal of his forces. Of course, Cameron only bought them time with this halfhearted action because Mirai was there.

Nonetheless, Mirai cannot forgive Cameron. Previously, as the son of an important Earth Federation official, he was supposed to fight in the Federation Forces. But at the outbreak of the war, he fled to Side 6--clearly because he was working with Zeon. To a woman like Mirai, this way of life is unacceptable.

Although it is against the Antarctic Treaty, Cameron has the White Base resupplied. He offers to get permission for repairs as well, and achieves this with his father's help. However, the problem is that the repairs must be done outside the colonies, at a dock in international airspace. Conscon surely won't overlook this.

Meanwhile, while Amuro and the others are in port, they go into the city so that they can each shop for food and small parts. Here, Amuro passes by Char and then meets Tem Ray (Amuro's father). But there's no time for a leisurely conversation, as Amuro and the others are ordered to support the White Base as it heads for the space dock. Amuro's Gundam encounters Conscon's Dozam.

Episode 34: The Red Wind That Fans the Flames of War
The Dozam and the Gundam team fight a heroic battle in international airspace, which is broadcast live to the people of Side 6. Char is watching. Tem is watching. And Cameron Bloom is watching, too. After each person's emotions are depicted, Conscon's mobile force is wiped out, and the flagship Chivvay and two Musais withdraw.

Cameron hurries to the space dock that the White Base has entered, so that he can personally supervise the repairs. "You're here to watch? If you get caught in the crossfire, hopefully you'll die." Mirai still won't forgive him. Instead, she is falling for Sleggar, who has been injured in battle.

Amuro and the crew return to Side 6 along with Cameron to take a break. "This is all I can do," Cameron laughs sadly.

Amuro's father criticizes his fighting. "I'm going to develop an even more impressive mobile suit. Being in a neutral nation is convenient for that. I've gotten lots of Zeon information."

His father isn't as sharp as he used to be. He has suffered damage from oxygen deprivation. "Don't you care about Mom?" Amuro's words fall on deaf ears. And then...

He meets Lalah Sune, a girl known as "Asteroid Lalah" who is accompanying Char! This is a major incident for Amuro. When Amuro's eyes meet those of Lalah, a girl with transparent blue hair, it seems they both know their entire destiny.

Amuro feels dizzy. What is this transparent brightness? He smiles. What is this warmth of Lalah that is entering his mental core?

The most baffling thing, though, is the fact that Char is accompanying her. Though they don't realize it, this is the first time Char and Amuro have met. "Amuro? It's strange, but I feel I know that name," Char says mildly.

"Uh, and you are?"

"Nobody important. I'm Char Aznable, a Zeon soldier." Char offers Amuro a handshake.

Episode 35: Assault on Solomon
From the way that Amuro reacts to hearing Char's name, Char must sense something about Amuro. But Char is determined to suppress that impulse. Lalah is there, and he can't afford to scare her. Besides, Lalah knows of Char's impulse, and it makes her hair stand on end.

Mirai's and Cameron's parting ends coldly.

The White Base has received orders from Tianem. Of all people, they are to make contact with the forces of Lieutenant Commander Wakkein, commander of Luna II. Their attack target is also specified. "Solomon!" They are to make an all-out attack on Dozle's Solomon base, in the area where Sides 1 and 5 were once located.

The Magellan meets the White Base, and Lieutenant Toile is transferred to the White Base as operation commander. With a fleet of three Salamis cruisers and one Columbus supply ship, they are to advance on Solomon from the front. The main fleet commanded by Admiral Tianem will attack from Solomon's rear. Thirty mobile suits of the Gundam's mass production type will also participate in this powerful operation.

Zero adjustment! The G-Sky launches as a diversion. The three Salamis cruisers charge ahead. The mobile suit forces deploy. The Magellan opens fire. The Gundam descends!

When the main fleet attacks, Solomon is partially destroyed. Sending his wife and child to safety, Dozle boards the "Big Zam" himself.

Episode 36: Hero of Fallen Solomon
Kycilia is perplexed. She is depending on Char to prepare new tactics such as Lalah. Though M'Quve had been her only reliable subordinate, he was not a strategist. Along with Lieutenant Commander Harom, she has sent him to support Solomon, but they arrive too late and end up as mere witnesses of Solomon's fall. They are able to rescue Dozle's wife and child, but—

Here and there, the Gundam-type landing force "Ranger" engages in hand-to-hand combat, while Amuro infiltrates the base alone in the Gundam. The operation's goal is to destroy the enemy's main force, and this takes the form of a confrontation between the Big Zam and the Gundam.

With support from Kai's Guncannon, and Sleggar's G-Parts acting as a shield, the Gundam defeats the Big Zam. Sleggar dies, and Vice Admiral Dozle is bodily ejected. Amuro attacks Dozle with the Gundam—because Dozle draws a rifle from his waist and opens fire on the Gundam. The madness of this soldier is communicated to Amuro even inside his cockpit, and he is afraid.

Dozle dies. The Zeon vessels sporadically withdraw from Solomon, and flee towards the Moon where Kycilia's base is located. Thus the "Battle of Solomon" ends in victory for the Federation Forces.

Mirai breaks down in tears at Sleggar's death, and Amuro feels for her.

Episode 37: Barom's Trap
Rear Admiral Kycilia collects Dozle's widow and child, who have been rescued by M'Quve. M'Quve then orders Barom to eliminate the Federation's pursuit forces. M'Quve receives his custom-made mobile suit "Hakuji" (a sword-fighting type).

Barom is not pleased. He meets with Captain Char, and the two of them conspire together. They will carry out an operation to lure the enemy to Side 4, in order to get rid of M'Quve. (Of course, Char introduces this in such a way that Barom doesn't realize it.)

The forces M'Quve has dispatched encounter the White Base as it skims over the Moon. Barom turns his heavy cruiser Chivvay towards the White Base, challenging to battle with Side 4 behind him. He launches an assault with several units of the space attack mobile suit "Dwadge."

Launching whatever G-Parts they can, Amuro and the others are fighting in a situation where they can't let the White Base take a direct hit. Because the White Base wasn't resupplied after the previous operation, it has to avoid combat as much as possible.

The fight between Amuro and Barom gradually drifts into Side 5. (Aside from one or two colonies, Side 5 has been completely destroyed.) Meanwhile, the White Base is imperiled by its engagement with the heavy cruiser Chivvay. It is rescued by Wakkein, the former commander of the Luna II base, in his battleship Magellan—

As he battles the Gundam, Barom remembers his promise to Char. "I can't fulfill my promise this quickly." Barom's Dwadge flees into Side 5's "Texas" colony, which was originally constructed for large-scale livestock farming. Before the war, it was used for cattle farming and tourism.

The fight between Amuro and Barom ends with them both striking each other. The Gundam is also damaged, but fortunately the colony still has an atmosphere. Amuro gives a sigh of relief, but how will be contact the White Base?

At the same time, Char has entered the Texas colony, accompanied by Lalah and the ESP researcher Dr. Flanagan.

—And M'Quve is concerned about restoring his reputation.

Episode 38: The Duel in Texas
Getting rid of M'Quve isn't Char's only objective. He also wants to teach Lalah about combat, and to have Flanagan complete a system that will transmit Lalah's mental powers to a mobile suit.

The Minovsky particles are dense around Side 4's Texas colony. Allies and enemies are fated to cross paths here.

Amuro is surprised that Texas isn't uninhabited. People still survive here, leading a nomadic existence. Here Amuro meets Cathbar Bailey, a 17-year-old boy who burns with hatred for Zeon. From his report, Amuro learns that a Zanzibar-type warship has docked at Texas. Can the Gundam destroy it alone? Amuro infiltrates the port.

Char sends a message to M'Quve's forces. "Shouldn't you destroy the Gundam inside Texas? I haven't received orders as a suppression force, so I don't have enough fighting strength." Nonetheless, he sorties in the heavy artillery mobile suit "Gyan."

Char and Amuro meet again! Amuro shudders with fear. But at this dramatic moment, M'Quve arrives at Texas, having taken Char's words to heart. Appearing in his "Hakuji," M'Quve confronts the Gundam in person, and they clash in a sword duel.

Char pulls back, saying to Lalah, "Watch well. This is what hand-to-hand combat is like." The course of the battle goes just as Char had planned. This is his plan to defeat M'Quve. Between Char's trap and the Gundam's attacks, the Hakuji is destroyed.

"Low-minded people like me are despicable."

Cathbar Bailey asks Amuro to take him along, saying he'll be a good soldier. Amuro smiles. "Okay, as long as my commander approves. But your personal grudges won't disappear just because you become a soldier."

Char says to Lalah, "Why become a soldier? It's to put an end to fighting." Lalah adores him for this. She also knows the abilities she possesses could be the beginning of a new era for humanity. "I want to use my powers for Char's sake, and see a new era."

On Char's orders, the Flanagan Agency is making a list of "Newtype" humans, and is beginning final tests of a system designed to electrically amplify their abilities.

Episode 39: Char and Sayla
The White Base and Magellan, Char's Zanzibar, and M'Quve's leaderless suppression force are in a three-way deadlock. Kycilia orders Char to join M'Quve's forces.

The White Base takes this opportunity to enter Texas, with the intention of rescuing Amuro and the Gundam. However, it is obstructed by Char and the Dwadge mobile suit piloted by his subordinate, Chief Petty Officer Gin Lime. Meanwhile, Char needs to evacuate Lalah and Sofia safely from Texas, but Wakkein's Magellan is in his way.

During this three-way battle, Amuro succeeds in destroying Char's mobile suit! This is the end of the Gyan. As Char escapes into the wilderness of Texas, he encounters Sayla, part of the team sent to rescue Amuro. They are indeed brother and sister.

Char: "Our father created Zeon to save humanity. The Zabis turned it into a dictatorship. And what's more, they assassinated the people who had been our father's allies."

Sayla: "Even so, if you're trying to singlehandedly avenge yourself on the Zabi family, then what next?"

Char: "Then we'll be able to end this war quickly. But Gihren is a careful man. Someone like me can't get close to him."

Sayla: "The real Char Aznable... I knew him."

Char: "It seems he was assassinated, so I took on his name."

Sayla: "Really?!"

Char: "Leave the Trojan Horse. When my Zanzibar escapes, I'll leave you enough gold to smuggle yourself to Earth. I'm going to have to do whatever it takes to defeat the Gundam."

Sayla: "Is this another grudge?"

Char: "It's different. This is about my pride as a man. No, even more than that. The Gundam's pilot... A...muro? His will stimulates me. Lalah said the same thing."

Sayla: "Lalah?"

Char: "...Accept the gold. Go back to Earth."

Char flees. From the middle of this conversation, Bright is listening in.

Using the Gundam, Amuro destroys Lime's Dwadge. But thanks to Lime's defensive battle, Char's Zanzibar escapes Texas. Wakkein is overcome by its firepower, which is twice that of his Magellan.

At Texas's port, Sayla receives a package discovered by Cathbar Bailey. This is the gold that Char left behind, addressed to Miss Sayla Mass. The letter within contains a single line: "To the gentle Artesia Som Deikun. With love from Casval Rem Deikun."

Bright calls out to the stunned Sayla. "Sayla! We're leaving port!" When Sayla hesitates, Amuro says, "Are you injured? I'll carry that package."

"Th-thank you, Amuro." Amuro sees the change in Sayla's face.

Hayato has been injured, and Fraw is very upset.

Episode 40: Challia Bull's Charge
Gihren Zabi meets with Challia Bull, who has returned from Jupiter. "The boy who uses the mobile suit called Gundam is no ordinary soldier. He has extrasensory powers like yours... He's a Newtype."

"Please don't joke, sir. My abilities are nothing more than good intuition."

"Very well. Kycilia's subordinate Char... that would be Captain Char, now. He's familiar with the intelligence on the Gundam. Go to him and, if possible, try to learn about the Gundam's pilot."

Challia Bull receives the mobile suit "Gelgoog." (An early version of the type used by Lalah. It is equipped with a system that detects Challia Bull's precognitive powers.)

Bright instinctively wants to reject Sayla. Of all things, to have an heir of Zeon Zum Deikun, Zeon's founder, as a shipmate...

Naturally, Sayla is depressed. For the first time, Amuro takes an interest in her. "Did something happen? Are you sick of fighting?"

"Yes. I'm sick of it. I think it would be better if I'd never come to Side 7."

Sayla has also come to see Amuro as a comrade and equal. "You've become a grown-up. What happened? You went from a reckless kid to an adult. Has something changed?"

"Battlefield experience, I guess? It must be..."

Challia Bull meets with Char and Lalah, and is shocked. Via Lalah's mental waves, he reads Char's mind. "A grudge against the Zabi family?! What should I do? I don't think he's ambitious enough to try to take over Zeon, but..."

Challia Bull realizes that Lalah has adequate fighting strength as an esper (Newtype). He also recognizes the abilities of Char, who discovered her. However, this is ominous for Zeon. "So the Gundam's pilot is a Newtype?!"

Challia Bull's Gelgoog launches. In moments, it has sunk the Magellan. Bright, Amuro, and the others (perhaps because they're preoccupied with Sayla) are unable to get past its defenses. (Death of Wakkein.)

By transforming at high speed from the G-Sky, the Gundam is able to catch Challia Bull off guard. The fighting between the Gundam and the Gelgoog becomes very fierce, and for the first time, Amuro becomes deranged in combat. During this overwhelming battle, Amuro sees a completely different person inside the Gelgoog!

Amuro's so-called precognitive abilities have been awakened in response. As Amuro becomes one of the Newtype species, he uses a tactic that negates their wills to defeat the Gelgoog. Watching this fight, Lalah says to Char, "This person shouldn't be our enemy. But I want to grow further through battle, Char. So I can be useful to you..."

"Can you beat him?"

"I don't know. But please hurry and complete the Elmeth. I'm confident I can surpass the power of that boy's will."

Episode 41: Battle at Luna II
Gihren is stunned. He then visits Kycilia's lunar base "Granada" for the first time. The Federation Forces are heading for Luna II, and Challia Bull has been defeated. These two facts have great significance.

"The Federation is readying an attack operation. And what's more, it seems a new humanity is being born. We needed Challia Bull's precognitive abilities to gain insight into the future, but that power is also being born within the Federation. This is vitally important to human history. This new progress can't be permitted to begin with the Federation. We'll have to select a Newtype unit from among Challia Bull's subordinates and set them against the Gundam."

"Captain Char is already making those arrangements."

"In that case, we'll rely on Char to take down the Gundam. And you'll eliminate the Earth Federation Forces gathering at Luna II!"

Kycilia departs. She launches a fleet of three new "Gwazine" battleships, the space carrier "Dolos," and Chivvay and Musai cruisers.

The White Base receives secret orders from Admiral Hamsky, the commander of Luna II. Its orders are to hide in an asteroid cluster area near Luna II and attack the Dolos.

Meanwhile, Kycilia's fleet dispatches the distinguished general Dal with a reconnaissance team consisting of the mobile suit "Gatsha" and its fearsome mountain-crossing hammer, as well as two Gouf types. The White Base detects Dal in the floating asteroid belt, and Sayla sorties in the Guntank to distract herself from her troubles. Kai launches in the Guncannon, and Hayato supports them with the G-Parts.

From behind the asteroids, the Gatsha snipes at their allies with its mountain-crossing hammer. With Sayla in peril, Amuro finally manifests the power of "danger prediction" and rescues her, simultaneously annihilating the Gatsha. A path has now been opened for the White Base to attack the Dolos.

The Federation Forces fleet launches from Luna II. As the "GM," the Gundam's mass production type, clashes in space with Zeon mobile suits, the Gundam and White Base slip underneath the Dolos and destroy it. Fearing damage to her fleet, Kycilia withdraws.

Sayla is visited by Amuro in sickbay. "I wonder, did you foresee that I'd be in danger? It's like Miss Matilda once said. You might be an esper."

"Why jump to that conclusion? Perhaps you're a Newtype as well, Miss Sayla."

Episode 42: The Road to Granada (Char's Defeat)
Sayla divides Char's gold among the crew, keeping one as a memento. "With this, I say goodbye to my brother!"

The White Base is resupplied at Luna II, and someone calls to Amuro. It's Lalah. Amuro launches in the G-Sky towards a place where there are no signs of danger, and there he sees the "Elmeth." The call was a warning sign, and Amuro tries to retreat. He was lured here by Lalah, and now Char attacks in his mobile suit "Kikeroga."

Char realizes that, even with the absolute power of the Kikeroga, he can't defeat the Gundam. At the last moment, the Gundam escapes. However, Amuro is not as strong as Char thinks. Mechanically speaking, the Gundam's mobility can no longer keep up with Amuro's reflexes.

Amuro withdraws to join the White Base, which is on its way to attack Granada. A man is waiting for him there. It's Dr. Mosk Han, an authority on "the engineering applications of electromagnetic waves." In short, he plans to electromagnetically coat the Gundam's mechanisms so that they will move more quickly and smoothly.

"I heard about the theories of that Zeon fellow named Sofia from your father."

"Is my father still alive?"

"He was killed by the Flanagan Agency. I'm certain of it."

The application of Mosk's theory is tremendously effective, and the Gundam is able to destroy Char's Kikeroga. Char is barely rescued by Lalah's Elmeth. His defensive strategy is broken, and the Federation fleet heads for Granada.

Sayla regrets that Char seems to have been rescued. She says to Bright, "My brother is a monster." On hearing these seemingly heartfelt words, Bright's concerns about Sayla are dispelled.

Episode 43: Battle of Granada
Though his Zanzibar is half-paralyzed, Char sinks two Federation Forces warships on his way back to Granada. Then the Federation attack begins. The White Base joins the attack on Granada, holding the center.

Lalah says she will sortie, but Char stops her. "Get to know the battlefield. Besides, you can't demonstrate the Elmeth's power and your own abilities until the Dokus are ready."

In Char's hands, the heavy mobile "Adzam" commanded by Kycilia has greater mobility than a lightweight mobile suit, and eliminates the majority of the Federation's GMs. (This is a remodeled Adzam. There are two or three units.) The White Base advances to shield them.

Hayato, Sayla, and Kai are all hard-pressed. Even Amuro! But Hayato's desperate efforts reveal the Adzam's weak point. Concentrating all its energies, the Gundam destroys a "Galbaldy."

At this point, Kycilia says to Char, "I don't think I'm going to survive this. If you have a score to settle, why not run me through with your sword as well?"

"You knew, Kycilia?"

"Zeon Deikun's orphan, Casval Deikun. Naturally I thought I could use you to overthrow my brother Gihren."

"I'll take you up on your suggestion." Char stabs Kycilia. Then he is saved by Lalah once again, and escapes Granada.

Gihren is frustrated. "Granada has fallen?!"

Degwin summons Gihren, saying "I think the time for peace has come."

"It's already too late. According to my intelligence, the power of the Federation Forces has now reached the Moon. Let's bide our time until they invade Zeon."

His self-assurance is backed up by the fact that Char has returned alive, and his confidence in a certain other plan.

Episode 44: Lalah of the Elmeth
Terror is spreading among the Federation Forces soldiers who have occupied Granada. Their mobile suit pilots fear they will die in agony at the hands of Zeon's small mobile suits. The White Base crew also detect a frightful sound. "Lalah...? Lalah...?" Though it sounds like a ballad, it conveys terror. It cries out when the Federation Forces' new battleship "Amerigo" is sunk.

"Is it Lalah, who was with Char?" Amuro sorties. Or rather, it would be more correct to say he is drawn out.

Sayla and Mirai realize that Amuro's actions are a danger both to himself and the Federation. By combining their intuitions, they have at least been able to sense Amuro's peril. Sayla urges Kai and Hayato to follow Amuro, and Mirai gets Bright to acknowledge the selfishness of their own actions.

Indeed, there is danger. The Gundam, attacked by the Elmeth and its linked Dokus, is caught in a tight spot. But as Sayla fights a reckless defensive battle, the Gundam rises! Amuro discovers that the true body of the Elmeth controlling the Dokus is underground.

Destroying several Dokus, Amuro rescues Sayla and goes after the Elmeth hidden underground. The frenzied Lalah is waiting there. Meanwhile, the badly injured Sayla returns to the White Base. Will she be able to recover?

Episode 45: Encounter With Lalah
Could it be possible to fight beneath the surface of the Moon? There is no time to think. Through the G-Bull's armor, Amuro senses that he himself is now being targeted by Lalah's Elmeth!

Meanwhile, after conferring with Gihren, Char follows after Lalah. He is accompanied by the semi-esper Paccadelia, a young man who was formerly one of Challia Bull's subordinates. (His mobile suit is a Galbaldy.)

Kai, Hayato, and the others begin a defensive battle against Char and Paccadelia. Meanwhile, the Gundam confronts the Elmeth deep underground. Are they fighting out of hatred, or duty? No reason can be found. The emptiness of this battle, and the merging of their consciousness, gives birth to a harmony between them.

"A fight between two people is the essence of human history."

"It's a history that humans should surpass!"

"Then what can people expect after that?" The two are in accord even in their doubts.

"When they surpass one single time, people will become new humans once again." They are clearly harmonious in their reasoning.

"Does it exist? The possibility that people could become wiser than they are now?" Their reasoning gives them a glimpse of one possible future.

~Show your power. The next person will see that power and learn from it.~

"Is this the voice of God?"

As they ask this question, Paccadelia interrupts. "Die together! Lalah is a traitor to Zeon!"

Char wonders at this outburst. Though he doesn't understand its true meaning, it comes as no surprise. Lalah is a different kind of human. And Amuro, who is able to fight her, may also be the same kind of human. Char's supposition was correct.

"Captain Char! Lalah is dangerous! I heard it. I heard Lalah playing with the enemy boy!" Though Kai and Hayato are hard-pressed by Paccadelia's Galiab, Paccadelia's surprised reaction gives them a chance to destroy his Galbaldy.

Char, piloting his own Galbaldy, says to Lalah, "Follow your instructions. I want the Gundam defeated."

Lalah despairs. "The boy I'm fighting isn't my enemy. He's my comrade!" But she cannot refuse a demand from Char, whom she thinks of as a brother. The three of them continue a bloody underground battle.

But humanity is sadness. Unlike the Dokus, which were designed to link to Lalah's abilities, Char cannot respond to Lalah's precognition. Char seethes with rage, and Amuro takes advantage of his impatience to strike Char's Galbaldy.

A moment! Lalah feels a momentary hatred for Amuro. She rushes in recklessly, rescuing Char for a third time, and Amuro deals a fatal blow to the Elmeth. Thus Lalah dies to save Char.

Episode 46: Degwin's Surrender
Amuro is exhausted from the "dream" he saw during his rapport with Lalah. Meanwhile, a bouquet of flowers is delivered to Sayla's sickbed. It is from Char. Fraw has her hands full looking after Hayato and Kai, but Amuro now seems very distant.

Char has returned with injuries. He meets with Gihren for the first time.

"Won't you remove that mask? It's impolite."

"I have weak eyes. Besides, I don't want to show my ugly face. It's hideous."

"Have we met somewhere before?" So Gihren wonders, seeing Char's demeanor. He discerns the true significance of Char forming a unit spearheaded by Lalah and Paccadelia. "It's a serious matter that they were defeated."

"Yes, sir. Even searching via Dr. Sofia's research agency, there were only a handful of espers. And it took months for me to happen across Lalah."

"Gundam... they call it. The Federation mobile suit."

"Yes, sir. It's unfortunate that its pilot turned out to be a human of the same type as Lalah."

"Even a low-minded person like myself can understand that's dangerous."

"Isn't there anyone else from Challia Bull's unit, sir?"

"There's Dardan. He was a member of Kycilia's special forces. He's the same type, but it's a substantial step down."

"We'll compensate with power. Your Gelgoog and Zeong should already have finished their final testing, correct?"

"As you well know, Char Aznable. Why are you so agitated? It's not becoming of a commander."

"It's my connection to the Gundam."

The fighting strength of the Federation Forces is spread thin. On the Moon, as repair work continues using the remaining Zeon facilities, the White Base is ordered to perform reconnaissance within Zeon-controlled airspace.

As the White Base is about to enter Zeon airspace, it encounters the Gwazine-type battleship "Degwin." Will this turn into a battle?!

"We ask your captain's help to find a route to peace negotiations." The two ships come into contact. Amazingly, Degwin Zabi himself boards the White Base to meet Bright and his crew. He is accompanied by his civilian secretary, Qusco Ale. Bright falls deeply in love with her.

After the official discussions, Degwin asks Sayla to talk with him in a separate room. "I know you're Miss Artesia. Your way of speaking is just like your mother Tor... Your father Zeon Zum Deikun thought that we couldn't leave the overgrown human population as it was, and that the Earth Federation should be controlled by the chosen people. I succeeded Zeon precisely because I agreed with that. But afterwards, there were those who opposed my methods, and so I did indeed expel the Deikun faction. It couldn't be helped."

"It was because you wanted to revive slavery and create a Zabi family dictatorship. That wasn't my father's way."

"Gihren's to blame. And it's also my fault for indulging him."

"But you sowed the seeds."

"That's true. Killing people is a painful thing."

As the battleship Degwin attempts to reach the Federation, it is attacked by Tablo's Kikeroga team, acting on Gihren's desire to prevent peace. The Gundam Team battles this large force, and then...

"It's time to end this. If you bear a grudge, Artesia, then strike me down!"

"I-I'm not like my brother Casval. I wouldn't go as far as pretending to be Char to avenge my personal grudge!"


Degwin dies, and the Gwazine type is destroyed along with the Kikeroga team. Amid this, Bright gives a prayer of gratitude that they were able to rescue Qusco Ale.

Episode 47: In Search of Zeon's Ultimate Weapon
Bright is losing sleep over Qusco Ale's injuries. Of course, he wasn't getting enough sleep anyway. Meanwhile, they have sent out dozens of reconnaissance rockets among Zeon's 42 colonies, and their reports are coming in one by one.

Amuro warns Bright that Qusco Ale is dangerous. "I think that person is a spy."

Bright wants to ignore him, but he knows Amuro's abilities. "I'll be careful, Amuro."

The White Base detects an unidentified spaceship moving within Zeon. Amuro and the others are dispatched as a reconnaissance team, and they observe countless inertial spacecraft launching from the Banchi 38 colony.

"Wow, you don't often see that. The great migrations we learned about in history must have looked like this." Amuro, Hayato, and even Cathbar Bailey are amazed. The spacecraft (mostly small types, with a few cruiser-class vessels among them) are being swallowed up by older colonies.

Qusco Ale says she doesn't know what is happening. Ultimately, they have no choice but to enter the colony where most of the spacecraft are headed, and find out the situation. Amuro and Hayato hide the G-Bull in what amounts to a rocket graveyard and sneak inside. This colony is of the oldest type, and was abandoned a few years ago.

Here they find swirling discontent. "Why were we suddenly moved? Like some kind of forced evacuation..." Realizing that even the people of Zeon don't know anything, Amuro and the others (they also watch and listen to the soldiers) decide to infiltrate Banchi 38.

However, powerful forces are deployed at Banchi 38. Amuro and the others are detected and pursued by the new mobile suit "Garaba." When he encounters the Garaba's overwhelming power, Amuro thinks to himself that it must have an extraordinary pilot. "They may know the reason why everyone was moved."

Although he is encountering an unknown power, Amuro wants to somehow capture its pilot. Thus, at the end of a hard struggle, he takes the pilot prisoner. Amuro's assumption was correct, but all they say is, "It's called Operation Solar Ray, but I don't know its true nature."

Qusco Ale doesn't know either. "Even if they're forming a defensive line, this would never be a favorable position." But Bright is suspicious. The White Base then launches a rocket with a messenger back to the Federation Forces' frontline base.

Char receives his own new Garaba mobile suit. This will also let him learn about the performance of Newtype mobile suits like the Gelgoog and Zeong.

Episode 48: Attack on the Jupiter Fleet
Char reports to Gihren. "I've investigated Gola's personal history. He's a Newtype superior to Dardan. Shall we have him pilot the Gelgoog?"

"Gola isn't a combatant. He was the commander who succeeded Challia Bull. I don't want him piloting the Gelgoog."

Char thinks that Gihren really is low-minded. Ever since they discussed the Solar Ray project, Gihren has been aiming to defeat the Federation. "But a nation that torments its people too much has never been victorious. I'm going to manage the postwar politics myself."

Char previously wanted to kill Gihren. But even with the Gelgoog, the Zeong, and the Garaba, he will need the most powerful mobile suit to defeat the Gundam. He can use Gihren's power to create that mobile suit. He wants to bring down the Gundam and shout his exultation at Amuro. As for Gihren, he can be eliminated at any time.

"Perhaps I'm the low-minded one. My obsession with vengeance, and my competitiveness against a child, haven't yet disappeared."

A fleet carrying helium-3 is returning from Jupiter. Its destruction will reduce the current fighting strength of the Zeon forces by a third. Two Magellan types join the White Base, and together with a total of thirteen mobile suits, they will launch an attack on the Jupiter Fleet. (There is a time lag because the Federation only recently detected it.)

Qusco Ale is in a panic. She has to steal a messenger rocket and inform Zeon. This could be the beginning of an all-out attack on Zeon by the Federation Forces. Qusco escapes and, unfortunately, it falls to Bright to pursue her himself.

The White Base is told to move on the orders of the flagship "Java," with Mirai as its acting captain. Meanwhile, Bright shoots and kills Qusco.

Dardan's Gelgoog appears before the three Federation ships, as a reinforcement to defend the Jupiter Fleet from their attack. A battle begins, and Gola perceives that Dardan is unable to handle the Gelgoog properly. He attempts to take control of the Gelgoog in the middle of the battle, but the Gundam is faster, and destroys the Gelgoog.

At this point, however, Amuro shudders in response to Gola's will. "Is this the second coming of Lalah?" This fear makes Amuro's own will blossom. He is becoming a Newtype.

Episode 49: Solar Ray, Part 1
Gola escapes from the destroyed Gelgoog. Gihren is disappointed, but he still has Gola. "Very well. It seems the time has come to try an operation to revive our fortunes." Though Char doesn't care for Gola, this soon becomes a reality.

"Char Aznable? Unbelievable! Casval Deikun?" Gola says this in front of Gihren, of all people. But what meaning does this have for Gihren now? Captain Char is clearly a star among the struggling Zeon forces. By giving him a Garaba, and Gola the "Zeong," he will be able to sufficiently damage the Federation. Gihren has decided to activate the "Solar Ray" when the Federation Forces depart the far side of the Moon.

Virtually on the enemy's doorstep, the White Base receives supplies. The Federation Forces are mobilizing. In a few hours they will enter Zeon-controlled airspace. Then, as the hasty resupply continues, it happens. Though it can't be seen, it feels like a light has shot through space. The majority of Federation Forces space attack fleet gathered on the far side of the Moon is annihilated! (We need the story to express this.)

The White Base and the Java (a Magellan-type ship) leave the supply ship behind.

Gihren is raving. "Half the Federation's fighting strength has been turned to ash in an instant. How many of the remaining half will make it to Zeon? Tell Gola and Char to attack their remaining forces! Zeon's victory is at hand!"

Char wants to intercept the White Base, but Gola encounters it first. Zeong versus Gundam, Amuro versus Gola. The two Newtypes fight, making full use of their precognitive power to see 30 seconds ahead.

Amuro is victorious. Precognitive powers based purely on hatred will only amplify hatred. As Amuro becomes exhausted, anger and aspiration are born. This isn't what Newtype humans should be doing! It isn't like what happened with Lalah, Amuro concludes. There was harmony there.

Episode 50: Solar Ray, Part 2
What is the source that produces hatred? The condition of war itself. If there were no war, this degree of hatred might never be possible.

General Revil has returned to space. How were the Federation Forces annihilated? The first order of business is to find that out. Amuro heads for Banchi 38, where a mystery lies. Char is waiting for him in a Garaba.

As Amuro and Char battle, Amuro must find the answer to the mystery. This is because the remaining forces, rallied by General Revil, have begun their advance under Revil's command.

"Even if I have the attributes of a Newtype, I can't display those abilities because I'm too low-minded. Can I beat him like this?" This worries Char, but using all his skill, he holds his own against the Gundam. From this fact alone, Char could be called a Newtype. Otherwise these two couldn't continue fighting like this. They are in sympathy.

Then they finally witness it. The second firing of the Solar Ray!

The Banchi 38 colony itself builds up solar energy and then releases it in a single direction. Simply by doing this, due to its huge scale, it becomes a giant laser cannon.

In an instant, Revil's forces vanish, and General Revil disappears as well! Amuro screams, and even Char thinks they've gone too far. This wavering is what causes Char's defeat.

The Garaba is destroyed, but what of Char? He has survived, but Sayla knows that Char is already as good as dead. How does Sayla know this? Yes, she is a Newtype as well.

Having defeated the Garaba, Amuro and the others go on to destroy Banchi 38.

Episode 51: Annihilation of Zeon, Part 1
The badly wounded Char returns to Zeon's capital.

"It's a pity, isn't it? Now you'll never avenge your parents. I could drive a sword through your chest instead, but never mind that. What a terrible situation."

"Th-That's right, Supreme Commander. It's too late for revenge. I'm only interested in my enemy, Amuro."


"Yes. He's the one who will strike you down."

"That's enough. You're talking as if you were a Newtype. The Federation no longer has sufficient fighting strength. Zeon is as good as victorious. And we were able to create the Solar Ray system in a short time at minimal cost. Your idea truly deserves a two-rank special promotion. I'm making you a Vice Admiral, Char."

If he made one mistake, Char thinks, it was telling Gihren his Solar Ray idea.

A fleet of just a few ships heads for the heart of Zeon, to carry out the last order that Revil gave. "All-out attack." This was his order just before a direct hit by the Solar Ray.

Amuro has no hesitation. Now he knows the enemy in front of him isn't his true foe. The war won't end until he takes out the nation's leader. Gihren must be defeated.

The forces that densely encircle them have no more new mobile suits to deploy. Instead, they have tremendous numbers. Since the Federation Forces now only have a little fighting strength, Gihren himself finally sorties in a Gwazine. If they are defeated under his own command, it will show the power of the Zabi family party.

Demonstrating that strength to all of humanity will have vital significance in establishing the future class hierarchy. What can civilian officials do? What power does the public have? All power comes from the Zabis!

At the end of a fierce battle, the lone White Base finally makes contact with the Gwazine. Thus entangled, they move on to the fortress city A Baoa Qu. The Gundam, too, is already worn out. After sinking countless ships, it reaches A Baoa Qu.

"Stop it, all of you," Amuro screams. "My one and only enemy is Gihren!"

Here Cathbar Bailey, Amuro's loyal subordinate, dies. Amuro feels responsible as his superior in every sense.

Episode 52: Annihilation of Zeon, Part 2
A Baoa Qu. Not only is it a fortified base, but a military arsenal is also located at this colony. Gihren has taken refuge here, but it's hard for him to admit that this was because of a single ship and a single mobile suit. "I underestimated the Newtypes," Gihren thinks.

The badly injured Char heads for A Baoa Qu aboard an inertial spaceship. "A two-rank special promotion. I didn't care for that line." Such are Char's feelings toward Gihren.

The White Base is wrecked, and its crew are drawn into guerilla warfare. The Gundam is also heavily damaged as it brings down A Baoa Qu's final defense network, the "Gigan" (a hybrid of a mobile suit and a gun turret). Though the Gundam isn't immobilized, its cockpit is exposed.

As Gihren's royal guards spring out from all sides, Amuro fights back with a single handgun. Then, the tragedy of flesh and blood. Amuro is wounded.

"Gihren must be defeated! He must be! We have to defeat... the true evil!" As he shouts these feelings, Amuro is not alone. He runs, and Char is running beside him. "I'll settle things with you later." Char is running! Why?!

Bright cries out, "Gihren is here!" He breaks through the door, then Bright collapses. (He isn't fatally wounded.) Sayla and Mirai come running. "He must be defeated!"

Then Amuro hears someone else's voice. "A... mu... ro, wasn't it? Amuro! I want to play. Amuro... in the future I saw with you... Amuro... with you..."

"Fighting so we can play, Lalah?!" A foolish question. That's okay, isn't it, Amuro? So he tells himself. He is in harmony with Lalah.

Now Sayla, Mirai, and Amuro all hear Lalah's voice. But one by one, Char, Sayal, and Mirai are all overcome by Gihren's royal guard. And then...

"Gihren Zabi?!"

"A...Amuro Ray. The Newtype."

"That's right."

"But you're too late. This A Baoa Qu is going to self-destruct."

"In a minute and thirty seconds?"

"Well done, Newtype."

Amuro shoots Gihren Zabi. Simultaneously, Amuro comes under fire from the royal guard. "Gihren Zabi is dead! What's the point of killing me? Run away! Run away as fast as you can! A Baoa Qu is going to explode."

Then Amuro topples over, and Lalah calls out to him. "A... mu... ro. Let's go. A new era is opening."

"Aah... Can I go, Lalah...? E-Everyone is suffering."

"I'll teach you, Amuro. If it's you... then everyone..."

"I-I see. What you and I saw... we have to show it to everyone." Amuro reaches the wrecked Gundam.

"Open your eyes. Open your consciousness. You'll see them all." Amuro does as she says. He can see them! All his friends, amid the smoke.

"Mr. Bright! The White Base is to your right. Escape from A Baoa Qu."

Bright doesn't know what power is suggesting this to him. He merely thinks that he should go back to the White Base. Yes, he's done it.

"Miss Mirai! Quickly! Go up!"

Mirai doesn't know why this comes to her amid the swirling smoke. Wondering if Amuro is calling to her, she ascends the ramp.

"Fraw! Fraw! My precious Fraw! Hang in there. Get back to the White Base."

Fraw's spirits revive. "Katz, Letz, Kikka! Come on!"

"Mr. Kai, Mr. Hayato! You're going to die! Get up, get up!"

Kai and Hayato arise and start running.

"They'll be okay, won't they, Mr. Ryu?"

Sayla wakes up, and Char is there before her. No, it's her brother Casval. "Amuro was calling for you. Can you go, Artesia?"


"It's hopeless for me. Go without me! Survive!"

"B-But...! No-No, you're right. I'm going, brother."

"Aah... Tell Amuro for me. He's a good boy..."


"Artesia... Become a good woman. I love you, Artesia."

And Sayla, no, Artesia Deikun runs!

"Everyone has reached the White Base, Amuro."

"I know, Lalah. Can I make it too?"

"I'm with you. You can do it."

The Gundam destroys the "system" which could be called the Gigan's final peripheral nerve.

"Lalah. What kind of girl are you?"

"From now on you'll understand that better, Amuro."

"I-I see."

The Gundam flies. Voiceless cheers rise up from the battered White Base. Everyone has been able to escape. A Baoa Qu explodes.

They have made it. Now these friends will set out towards a new era, as seen by the wills of Lalah and Amuro. Humanity is entering a time of change as a species. Amuro and Lalah foresaw this. The time is Universal Century 0080!

"Lalah... Let's play together. Tomorrow..." So Amuro says, as his consciousness fades.

January 3, Universal Century 0080. Peace negotiations take place between the Earth Federation and the Republic of Zeon.